Sewage smell 🤦🏼‍♀️ ( tmi post)

Hi all,

I’m finding myself posting a lot recently- sorry! I think in the night when I’m asleep and I have wind that it’s kind of spraying into my knickers. I always wear black underwear so not entirely sure, I can’t see any visible poo, but my knickers are always damp and now I’ve noticed a sewage type smell…. I’m hoping it’s not coming from my lady area. Anyone experienced this? I’m nervous as I had quite a bad bleed after intercourse the other day, had an mri yesterday so will know soon enough, I don’t think it’s the same smell as before from the tumour. Thanks x

Hi Sarah,

I’m sorry you’re going through this. After my treatment chemorads and brachy I first noticed that I seemed to also be passing gas vaginally when I pass gas. Sorry TMI. Then I suspected I might’ve a fistula (analvaginal) a hole between vagina and anal when I had occasionally discharge smelled like poo. Interesting thing was when I went in for an internal exam, my oncologist didn’t see anything and it wasn’t pick up on my 3rd month post treatment scan as well. So I now have to wash every time I go to the toilet which I don’t mind doing as I was advised that if there’s indeed a fistula I would probably need a stoma because it’s extremely hard to repair it due to radiated tissues down there. Also commented that it’s probably really small. So if it isn’t affecting my quality of life my oncologist and I prefer to leave it alone. At one point he also said the the “poop smell” might’ve been the dead tissues/cancer or dead tumour coming out as the cancer was blasted off. So that could be it as well. I know this might not help you have peace of mind but just thought I’d share as to what possible causes there is. Please keep us posted how you get on. Much love. Xx

Hiya. Thank you for messaging. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, I think from my bottom, but not 100%. I think I’m going to wear a pad tonight and see if I can work it out. I’m awaiting my 6 months scan results on the 16th, as at my 3 month, I still had an abnormality, so hopefully it’s nothing to do with this. Sending hugs xx

Goodluck hun. Will be thinking about you on the 16th. Yes it’s also possible that it’s still radiation side effects. Can also affect our bowels I heard it’s also common. Not too long now for you to get answers and hopefully put your mind to rest. Keep us posted. Xx