Severe pain and lightheaded 2 days after LLETZ

Wondering if anyone could give me their opinion please, as I’m rather worried.
I’m 25 and had large loop LLETZ treatment 2 days ago and was bleeding rather heavy straight after treatment, went through pads within an hour. Luckily about 5/6hrs later it eased off. But today I have had severe abdo pains and I can’t sleep, tried taking paracetamol but it doesn’t touch the pain.
Plus I feel not quite with it, dizzy and lightheaded, hot then cold and feeling exhausted. Went to see a nurse today and she just told me to rest, but these pains are unbearable. Has anyone else had this problem? And should I be worried?
Any advice would be helpful.
Many thanks. X

I'm surprised the nurse just told you to rest, it sounds like you could have done with some antibiotics. Did she know you had just had lletz? Maybe ring the hospital and see what they say in case it's an infection. I hope you feel better soon. Xx