Severe High Grade Dyskaryosis

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site so sorry if the answer is already on here! I had my colposcopy on 24th Feb after having an abnormal smear. My letter after my smear explaining that I had abnormal cell changes needing further tests said that I had Severe High Grade Dyskaryosis. During my Colposcopy I had LLETZ treatment, he explained that he had removed the abnormal cells and they took a cone biopsy. I am now awaiting the results. They said it should take about two weeks for me to get the results. I'm trying to stay positive. My concern is that prior to my smear I had bleeding in between my period once.... The period prior to my smear. Now I have bleeding in between my period again today. Can anyone relate to this? If it was the first time then I would be calling my GP on Monday but due to me having the cone biopsy I feel I should wait until I get my results. I had no pain or bleeding after my colposcopy and I am thinking that if the first occasion was due to the abnormal cells which have now been removed why am I bleeding in between my period again x

Hello there, I know it's really hard but try not to worry too much. Your body and cervix have just been through trauma from the LLETZ and biopsies, neither of which are very nice, and it's probably just getting back to normal.

I've had two LLETZ treatments and bled on and off after them both for a few months but it settled down again.

Don't forget that not only is LLETZ a phyical stress, it's also an emotional one too and that can interfere with periods/bleeding - after my first LLETZ I missed my first period entirely and I put that down to stress. If it becomes smelly or offensive, I'd visit the GP as you might have an infectiom, which is quite common after LLETZ and can be fixed with tablets.

Best wishes, Lucy x 

Thanks for your reply Lucy x Do you know if Severe High Grade Dyskaryosis means CIN3?x

Not always, it can be CIN2 or CIN3. Both treated with LLETZ x