Severe grade dyskaryosis - first smear

hopefully this will ease any nerves anyone has of getting a letter back from your smear test
I am 24 and ignored my first letter from the doctors to go in for my smear test because I thought I'm not 25 yet! And I was moving house so when I registered at the new doctors I got another letter, so I went along, the nurse said everything looked fine. A week or so after I had a letter saying that my test shows severe grade dyskaryosis and the little booklet about what that means but I wanted more information, so I googled.... That didn't calm me down and I must have read 100 of posts on here, my boyfriend works away and I don't live close to my family and I broke down in tears and was petrified. The letter said I will get an appointment in the post, I waited a few days and still didn't have anything so I called my gp and the hospital and the cilice where I had my smear and I couldn't get a date I had to wait till the referral had come through. Then a week after getting the first letter I got my appointment, well I got two the first was for in two weeks and the second said they had moved it forward to one week, so I panic and think why has it been moved forward! More panic! But I had read lots on here and I felt reassured that it wasn't uncommon and the chances of it being really bad are really small. 
Went along to the colposcopy clinic and the nurses were really nice, I assumed the doctor was going to be a woman but it wasn't, he was quite a scary bloke and very to the point not the best bed side manner! 
They explained to me what was going to happen, and they started the exam and they asked me if I wanted to look at the screen, at first I said no but they convinced me to look, there was a white patch which they told me was the abnormal cells and that they can do the lletz now or I can come back but it's best to get it over and done with. I said ok and the nurses explained about the machine. I could feel my heart start to race and I was starting to breath faster and I asked the nurses if it was going to hurt and I braced my self for it to hurt and the doctor told me he was done! I didn't even realise he'd started He told me he was preparing I didn't feel anything more than what you do in the smear.
They explained the bit the had removed would be sent away as a biopsy. And it could be 4 weeks to get a letter or a phone call. So I went to my mums for 2 weeks and when I got home I had the letter saying it was CIN1&2 with clear borders. And I just have to go back for a routine check in 6 months. 
I had cramp after the lletz but very little blood straight after and for the week proceeding there was no blood just a watery discharge like the fluid from a blister and I thought I had got away with bleeding! But then 8 days after the lletz I started to bleed and bled for 2 weeks and it slowed and stopped now (3 and a half weeks). 
The doctor told me the lletz is almost 100% effective so those are pretty good odds
If you have had the same letter as me try not to worry, talk to your female friends and don't get yourself upset :)