Severe Dysplasia Biopsy AFTER CC treatment/remission

Tried to post question - hope I'm not repeating. Apologize if I am.  I was diagnosed stage 2 cervical cancer late 2012. Completed 25 ext rad, 4 Cysplastin chemo, & 5 HDR brachytherapy treatments March 2013. Clear PET scan June 2013. Subsequent OK PAPs done quarterly until last one which was OK but also HPV+ prompting protocol for colposcopy/biopsy, which I had last week. Came back as Severe Dysplasia though no cancer was detected. Gyn referred me back to my gyn onc for treatment due to my history and I have an appt for the 17th (about 10 days). But I am worried sick. Encouragement hasbeen that it is PRE-cancerous and so can be fixed before a recurrence but how can I be PRE-cancerous when I'm already POST-cancer? Also, I have researched extensively and have not located even mention much less precedent of this situationoccurring. I am near basket case. I'v e dealt with a lot this past decade.  A ruptured brain anuerysm in 2006 from which I should not have survived and certainly not without severe disability but I woke with no impairments - a miracle from God. I lost my 32 yr old son to Type 1 diabetes in 2009, and then the diagnosis of CC in 2012. I have gotten through all with faith,hope, and positive attitude but this turn of events has really shaken me.  Just hoping someone out there may have encountered something similar or some info to get me through the next 10 days and beyond. Thanks for listening.






My story is kind of similar. i've just had a rller coaster from my 9 month check up. Biopsies were taken and came back as VaIN 3, the vaginal equivalent of CIN 3 ( I no longer have a cervix due to Radical Hysterectomy) I had treatment, wide local incision, and declared No Cancer Found day before yesterday.

I guess your cells are on your cervix as you still have it. Thankfully they have caught it early before it becomes cancer. I'm not sure what your treament will be but thought I'd share my story as it's kind of similar.

Hang on in there. x