Severe dyskyrosis - never had treatment

2 years ago i have a letter comifing i had severe dyskyrosis, i went to the hospital to have lettz but i saw a needle n passed out, i was meant to make an appointment to go back but never got round to it!! Alot has happened n it wasnt top of my list at the time :(  Im worried incase things have got worse, i dunno how to go about making i need a smear test again for them to get an appointment...

u need to contact your doctor and make another app for a smear, and keep your fingers, legs and toes crossed that your diagnosis is the same, or better it is possible, and then well u are at ure docs ask them y they havnt followed up on ure last appointment? dont hang around any more sugar, read some of the posts on here and get ureself back into the system, good luck x

Hi Kelz

I echo what Luceee has said.  Start with the GP and take it from there and make it your priority.  Wishing you the best and hoping that all will be well...take care