Severe dyskyrosis letter - scared :(

Hi everyone,

just looking for a bit of advice. I'm 30 and had a smear test last week and just got the result of severe dyskyrosis. I stupidly missed my last smear test 18 months ago and the one I had before that was in 2008 and all clear but now im paranoid that it was incorrect as the doctor said it was quite unusual to go from clear to severe in that time scale. 

I have been having moderate pelvic, abdominal and back pain for a few months now and this is what prompted the docs visit. I'm now freaking out, scaring myself because I've read that these are symptoms experienced during the latter stages of cervical cancer...... However, I've had no irregular bleeding, discharge or pain during sex. My doc also had a good look at my cervix and said it looked normal, but inflamed hence maybe why I was so sore. Should I take that as a good sign? If cancer was present would it be visible? My colposcopy is next Tuesday and I'm really nervous at the possible outcome. 

Has anyone else experienced the abdominal pain leading to the diagnosis or is it likely linked to cancer? 


Thank you for reading x 

Hi Kate,

Sorry to read your news. Lots of things can cause abdominal pain which have nothing to do with CC, so please try not to get too far ahead of yourself. Symptoms seem to vary a lot so it’s impossible to say that if you experience X that definitely means Y.

The thing is that you are in the system now and you’ll soon have more information, although all of us here know only too well how hard the waiting is. My suggestion is to read up using the info on Jo’s and to write down all your questions before your appointment. When I had my colposcopy, they were very willing to talk me through what was going on and I found that very helpful.

Final bit of advice is to avoid Googling - there’s a lot of scary nonsense out there which you don’t need to look at. Try your best to keep busy and Tuesday will be here before you know it.

Best of luck! X


When I had my smear done they mentioned I was very "inflamed" - worried the life out of me! I had also been to the doc 5 months before to complain about pain during sex. Apparently HPV can cause your cervix to become very irritated.

Anyway, regarding the timescale it seems to be different for everyone - I went from mild to severe in 6 months - however they doubted it was ever mild in the first place. Sometimes if the area is small not many cells are picked up apparently!Either way I went from nothing to severe in 3.5 years and on here with the amount of woman getting cin3 on a regular smears it obviously is not that rare!

As Rosehip said you are now in the system and on the way to being sorted out. I know how scary it all is tho so lots of hugs

Cat xxx

Yes I was told I had severe dyskariosis and I had my lletz on the 9th. 

I believe from what I read and my MANY hours on google that cancer that is very advanced can be seen on examination. 

Google is NOT a worrying persons friend. As my husband said to me u will not ( apart from here) find any good stories coz ppl with the good news get on with life lol, ask google is such a nightmare and if u had pay I would be bankrupt I'm a addicted to it, and it never helps. 

I know how scary it is I honestly do. :0) 

wishing u all the best xxxx

Ladies thank you so much for replying


I had my lletz today and the doctor and nurses were absolutely lovely. Now awaiting the results but hopefully it will be ok. My thoughts are with everyone going through the same thing, stay strong xx