Severe dyskaryosis

Hi ladies. Can I just start by saying this forum has made me feel so much better about everything after reading all the different posts. I had convinced myself I was terminally ill after receiving a very upsetting phone call from the doctor who performed my smear. I am ashamed to say I am 31 and had my first smear last Thursday at the local sexual health clinic after experiencing abnormal bleeding and abdominal pain. I went to my GP who told me it was down to stress without even performing an examination so I went to the local drop in sexual health clinic and was seen within 10 minutes of arriving. The Dr performed a full examination and a smear and said I should receive the results within 2 weeks. I had around 8 missed calls from a withheld number, which I ignored (don’t answer withheld numbers) them had a message from my sister saying someone was trying to get into contact with me. Answered the phone a few hours ago and the nurse said she had been trying to contact me for 2 days as she did not want me to receive the letter diagnosing me with severe dyskaryosis without speaking to me first. She told me not to google it so of course that was the first thing I did after hanging up the phone. She sent me the link to this website which I must admit had made me feel a million times better. She provided me with a number to call if I need to speak to anyone and told me the Dr will make special time to see me if I have any questions. Rather than providing me with assurance, which I think she was trying to do, this has made me feel 100 times worse as I don’t understand why they are treating me like I am ill. She said it was bad news and could be cancer. She said I have to go for a colposcopy but didn’t give me any advice on treatment etc. From what I have read on here severe dyskaryosis requires treatment more often than not. I’m so scared, especially because I have had abnormal bleeding coming up to 3 weeks on Sunday. I’ve always been really regular with my periods and never have spotting or any bleeding outside of my monthly cycle. I’ve also experienced bleeding after sex and pain during sex and have googled that and keep coming back to the cc diagnosis. Has anyone else had the same symptoms/diagnosis and if so could you please let me know what I can expect to happen next? I am going to see the Dr tomorrow but I can’t sleep because I can’t stop googling things. Just want to add that I think this page is a godsend and that my Dr actually sent me the link and told me to read up on the posts and stuff to get more of an understanding of what was happening xx

Hi jenny!

First I think you need to breathe hehe! Although I was exactly the same when I got my my smear results back as severe dyskaryosis & query on glandular neoplasia! I've been to the doctors numerous times since because I've suddenly developed all these symptoms! Your mind can do amazing things! 

From what I've been told/read severe dyskaryosis is really common, and the chances are so so tiny that it will actually be cervical cancer. 

As for your symptoms they can also be caused by loads of things! They sound like symptoms that a cervical erosion would cause. 

Please try not to worry. And don't Google. I can't say much because I'm terrible for googling but I just limit myself to this website and nhs. 

I'm guessing your next step will be colposcopy which you'll get your appointment through the post. Mine is on Tuesday so I'm very nervous... 

Feel better soon and if you ever need to chat I'm here :) 


Lots of love xx 


I was in your position 6 months ago and also did a whole heap of googling, so I know as much as I say don't do it, you still will, but this is honestly the best site. 

So my story so far, had my routine smear in June last year which came back as severe dyskaryosis (or however it's spelt lol) or cin3, so was called for a colposcopy in July for the lletz procedure, now I worried myself sick over going for this and cried constantly, but I can tell you it is no where near as bad as you imagine, I had 2 amazing nurses stood either side of me chatting about every thing and anything but also informed me of what was going on and what Was going to happen next and kept making sure I was ok. The procedure itself was relatively painless and once I'd been sat there a couple of mins i forgot about the undignified position I was in, theN came the wait, I was told results would be back within 6 weeks, so for the 1st 4 weeks I managed to box it up in my head, but the following 2 weeks were horrendous waiting for the postman with still no news and was actually 8 weeks for the results to come back, they showed, cin2 cin3 and high grade Cgin, it went to the multi disciplinary meeting where it was decided to stick to my 6 monthly check up (Test of cure)  that took place yesterday. I know you're prob bored of me now so will finish up with yesterday I had 2 smears and 4 punch biopsies, which again after never having punch biopsies I panicked, but they were fine and nothing to worry about, I've been told I will def have to go back in at least 6 months but she will wait for the results before planning treatment, which made me question what she saw BUT I've learnt that googling is NOT going to help me, that the doctors are fantastic and that from this group the chances of something being sinister is very slim. 

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, don't worry, the symptoms of cc are also the same symptoms for many other conditions that are easily treated as for the procedures themselves they really aren't that bad and I will happily go through it again in 6 months to make sure everything is still ok. as for the waiting, I can't lie to you, it is the hardest part for me and I'm just beginning that journey of awaiting the results again 

good luck and try to relax

ps sorry for going on, once I started i couldnt stop hahaha 

Thanks ladies. I forgot my password and have only just managed to get back on here now. I had my colposcopy and lletz treatment done on 03/02 and received a letter a short while later to say that although there was no evidence of cancer they could confirm cin3 and there was evidence to suggest the cells had not been fully removed. Then went on to say my case would be discussed at mdm meeting in March and I would hear in due course. Hate having to wait to find out what next course of action is and I've also pretty much convinced myself I have an infection. Been 3 weeks since lletz now and still having a lot of yellowish coloured discharge. I've read so many different stories that I don't know what to think xxxx