Severe dyskaryosis

I had my routine smear about a week and a bit ago and i recieved the results in less than a week and i have severe dyskaryosis. I rang for the appointment for my colposcopy yesterday and she said i needed to be seen asap and was trying to get me in this week but i told her i couldnt as my partners work wouldnt let him have time off on short notice and have 2 children to sort around too. She was very insistant that i needed to be seen before the 14th. She told me to bring someone with me as i would be having treatment on that day.

My son is 16 months old and i had an awful pregnancy and afterwards i saw a dr because i said my cervix wasnt feeling right and causing me pain amd he did am internal and said everything was ok. Simce then me and my partner dont have sex very often because it is uncomfertable and i sometimes bleed but i never thought anything of it as the dr said everything looked ok, when i had my smear test she had a really hard time reaching my cervix because it has gone really far back amd to the side and she also said if i had to see anyone for it to tell them that.

With all this and reading things i am now panicking myself and i suffer with anxiety which makes me over think everything and i just have a really bad feeling they are going to tell me something really bad next week.

Honesly please dont worry I had exactly the same thing and am a single mum with 2 young children - same urgency and same letter.  I received my appointment through the post within 3 days of my smear results and was seen in less than a week.  I drove mysef there and was absolutely fine.  On the day they told me I had severe abnormal cells - had a look with the colposcopy (large microscope) and did LLETZ treatment there and then - it was pretty painless and for me no worse than having my teeth scaled at the dentist which I hate.  I drove home and carried on with my day afterwards - I did then feeel tired for the next 2 days so had a couple of days off work.  I am now waiting for the results to see if they have managed to get all of the cells but the Dr was pretty confident they have and if all good then I go back and ahve a smear in 6 months.  If they find at the colposcopy appointment the cells are too deep then they will ask you to go back and have it done under general anesthetic but thats not common.

Thank you for you reply, they have told me i won't be allowed to drive not that i can anyway as i am still learning haha

Im really nervous about the colposcopy as my smear was so awkward to do because of where my cervix is. It really hurt this time and had to lie in a funny position so she could reach it so not looking forward to having it done at all.

Can't wait to go to see what's going on 

Hi Sam,

im sure they'll take good care of you! I find smears so awful so was dreading the colposcopy and the LLETZ (Removal a bit of cervix). But honestly it was OK, drove home after and no real pain. I did bleed for a few weeks.


They usually don't bother me as ive had alot of internals done, ive had various medical problems and then both my pregnancys have been awkward to so they usually dont phase me and have never hurt but this time i actually let out tears so i just know its going to be awkward. I think that is the part i am dreading the most.

i have just had the results of my smear to find out i have high grade HPV again. This is now the 3rd time i have to have a colposcopy to remove cells everytime they have removed the cells. But I dont understand how high grade comes back in my smear every year and then I have to go for another colposcopy. I am getting worried more and more about this. My last child was 7 years ago.

Why are they all high grade and why does it keep coming back after a LLETZ every time.

Please help me.