Severe Dyskaryosis

Hi everyone

i have my follow up appointment this morning after getting the “severe dyskaryosis - don’t worry its not cancer” letter and after 2 weeks of stressing i’m not in full on panic mode!

I thought i’d read i was having a LLETZ but that’s not anywhere in the letter so must have come across it during my ill-advised internet research.

Just wondering what to expect? Will it hurt after? How long will i have to wait for any results? I’m having a marina coil removed so how long before i can have that put back in?

Are all the aches and pains i’m having related or are they in my head cos of the appointment? I’m getting lower back and groin pain which spreads down my legs but guessing thats not going to be discussed today?

Sorry i just have a splurge of questions and thoughts and i feel like a hypercondriac if i say them to anyone else cos apparently all of this is normal!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hi Mrs Gabbs!

I am in the same boat as you, just had smear test back with High Grade results, always been fine until now. I cant tell my family as I will worry them to death!

The thing is I nearly never went for the smear, I  thought to myself  do I really need too?

I am sorry I cant give you any advise, as I dont no what to expect myself.   But  the advise I would give other woman, is try not worry until you know what you are worring about.......... but its so hard not too.

 I hope everything goes ok today for you, please keep us updated. Sorry to jump on your post. x


Thanks Trini

It didnt go too bad! It wasnt pleasant and i feel like i have mega period cramps right now but it wasn't really painful so at least thats out the way!

All seemed pretty relaxed about the results so do feel like i'm panicking over nothing... fingers crossed thats the case!


Hope yours goes ok, let me know :-) x

Hi Hun! Feel like I've made a new friend! 

Im so pleased it went well, I was thinking of you today. Let me know ur results ( fingers crossed) 

ive got a date 30th April, so only 9 days to wait. 

I do feel very emotional, but I'm holding it together. 

Take care