Severe dyskaryosis with symptoms - very anxious

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping to find some reassurance. I’ve been crying not stop since yesterday and have not slept. I’m 34.
Since the beginning of this year I’ve noticed my discharged being a bit smelly on & off, worse after sex and during certain points in my cycle. I did a home BV test which came back negative. Did over counter PH pessaries… Seem to help a bit, but recently came back. Few wks ago after sex I had some very light spotting, so decide to see GP. She couldn’t see my cervix due to my prolapse. I was referred and seen by private consultant who examined me this tues. She was happy with the appearance of my cervix, some moderate ectropion and no visible discharge. Ultrasound also normal, so happily sent me on my way. I had my routine smear the previous week and received my results yesterday… Severe dyskaryosis, referral for urgent colposcopy.
I’m so so worried because of my symptoms it CC… My previous smear 3yrs ago was normal. I have a 3year old son and the thought is overwhelming so much I can breathe… :frowning:

I had a letter today saying I have a colposcopy next Thursday already :'-( Why so quick?

I'm so worried.... Anyone with similar experience?

Hi, sorry to hear you are so worried. I completely get how you feel, after I left the GP having been told severe dyskariosis (also experiencing symptoms) I was in such a state, but after reading up a bit more, I realised it doesn't mean anything much until after the colposcopy. It is standard procedure to book an urgent referral for colposcopy following severe dyskariosis so try not to let that worry you, it's the same for everyone.

For me it did turn out to be CC, but the doctors are confident it's early and I am just waiting for an official stage and treatment plan. After that appointment I did my research through the info section and the forum here and it really helped me to put things in perspective and to prepare and I haven't felt that same state of panic since. CC is very slow to progress and very treatable.

Honestly there is no way of knowing what it is until you go for the colposcopy, but CC is just one of a whole host of things that it could be so don't panic. Have a read through the info section for abnormal smear results and try not to overthink things. It's good that they are seeing you quickly, that way you will know what is going on sooner.

Hope you feel a bit better soon and good luck. Keep checking in because there are countless fabulously helpful women here who have plently of advice to offer.


i had similar results over three years ago and the reason for calling you in so quickly isn't always bad just good practice to establish quickly what is going on. Unfortunately it always comes with a long wait for the results which can be pretty stressful.

I've had several preventative treatments and thankfully no cancer but they are keeping an eye on me all the same.

Try and keep your sanity while you're waiting and fingers crossed it's nothing too bad. 



Thank you so much for your replies.. First just wanted to say good luck for all your future treatments and your thank you for your support on here...

I'm feeling slightly less frantic today. Was just such a shock especially after the consultant was so happy on visible inspection and with ultrasound... My previous smear was also completely normal. I just didn't expect the results I got.... 

I know now I just have to get on with it. Stressing is not going to change the outcome. I'm desperate for another baby, so this has made me very sad.. But it is was it is...

My husband also had a little cry yesterday. 


Thank you again