Severe dyskaryosis & symptoms

Hi everyone

I feel bad for posting this, my problems are nothing comparing to what some of the brave ladies are going through. Thing is that, I’m scared and I don’t know where to turn to.

I’m sorry for the length of my post…

I’ve recently had a letter through to say that they found severe dyscaryosis. I knew something was wrong before I went for cervical screening.

Few years back I’ve had numerous problems with my periods and hormones so I went for scans and tests and doctors told me that my left ovary had several cysts and that I’ve had PCOS. They told me that I needed to lose weight and that there is no cure for PCOS. Since then any complications with my periods and any issues were, in my mind, PCOS. Last year my period became even more irregular and I’ve had severe pains on my left side (around my ovary). I felt as almost something was pressing on my nerves from the inside. One night pain got so sharp and severe it woke me up and after that it was gone.

I went for all sort of tests, scans and cancer was ruled out. They also told me that my ovaries were in PERFECT shape.

Puzzling after I’ve spent several years under impression that I’ve had PCOS.

I took it as good news and was happy that I was ok. Few months after my result I’ve started having irregular periods again but because I’ve got Mirena coil, I thought it was normal.

At some point sex became painful, my periods stopped completely (even though, there were regular before, even on the coil) I’ve started having pains, discharge and awful back pain.

All those symptoms and the results from the hospital saying I’ve got severe dyscaryosis are so worring.

I feel like I can’t focus om anything anymore. My family is worried of course but there are some people I’ve told about it are saying that those results are nothing to worry about.

I just don’t know what to think anymore.

Am I exaggerating? I’m worried sick and I find it so hard to cope at work at the moment.
Thank you for taking your time to read this!


Firstly don't feel bad for posting, you feel how you feel and a lot of people will understand what you're going through.  All I can suggest is to take 1 step at a time although this is easier said than done.  Try to focus on the positives i.e. that you are in the system and will be looked after.  My mind can have a habit of running away with itself and I try and put it back in its box if it starts imagining all sorts of things that it shouldn't!  It does feel all consuming and time feels like it stands still whilst you are going through various things.  I've found being with friends, watching funny programmes and chatting about how I feel at work helps.

At work we have a 'code'.  If I feel a mini wobble coming up I just tell my colleagues that I'm a 4 or 5 out of 10 and the kettle goes on and the chocolate comes out!  Be kind to yourself, patient with yourself and hop on this site anytime you need to.  Take care xx


Thanks so much for your support! I went for my colposcopy and had LLETZ 2 days ago. I'm still really sore and mentally drained. Doctor said that apart from pre cancer cells he couldn't see anything sinister. I overheard them say CIN2 an CIN 3 during the treatment. I am little bit calmer but until the results will come through it will be hard to relax. I hope everything will go well for your appoitment on the 16th. Good luck xx


Hello kazpie87 - ive been scouring this forum since sunday after i received a letter saying i had moderate dyskoryasis , for someone who also had symptoms.

Your story sounds very similar to mine - apart from no pcos. I had chlamydia :( in april 2015 and was treated for that but my symptoms continued- irregular periods (ike 24 day cycle then jumping to 36 days!)   brown discharge and pains...i've been telling docs for 18 months i feel like there's a problem, even after internal, exteral scans and a gyno examination + a clear private smear test! I started to believe maybe its my anxiety. maybe its how my body is....then i got an abnormal result ... now im convinced its cancer. I'm so scared as i know cell changes dont cause symptoms but cancer does....but you were all clear?