Severe dyskaryosis - Newbie post

Hi all.

As you can all see from my post signature, I’ve been down this stuffing road before.

Only this time, it’s a lot more bumpy.

So my smear was done last month and to my sheer surprise (especially after 3 years of all super and dandy down there), I’ve got severe dyskaryosis.

So is this CIN 3? I had either CIN 1 or 2 last time (can’t remember) and I’ve resigned myself to having my lady plumbing zapped with lasers/electrical wire etc.

I’ve read all the gumpf and I know it’s likely not to be the big C but I’m still bricking it. I have no other symptoms (did have a wee bit of vaginal bleeding about 4 months back - heavier than spotting and lighter than a period - which stopped almost as soon as it started). I put that down to having my Depo Provera injection a week late so I have no bleeding whatsoever normally.

Ugh. Hate feeling so antsy…

Aw that sure does waiting on my smear results (5 weeks and still waiting) my last clear was 3 years ago.(first normal) .ive been down the whole cin and coloscopy,cone biopsy as well,so im hoping for a normal one this time.good luck to you and once you are zapped,all will be good.fingers crossed