severe dyskaryosis (moderate)

Hi, got my results back from cervical screening on Thursday,  causing me to promptly burst into tears. Having to go for colposcopy as found severe dyskaryosis (moderate).  That is the bit I'm confused about, is it severe or moderate?? :-/ being a total worrier and pessimist I'm expecting to have to have biopsies and treatment straight away. The results mentioned nothing about hpv either. I've had to rearrange the appointment by three weeks as it was due to be done a week before my holiday and didn't want it to stop me from being able to go swimming and enjoying myself. My work have given me the day off but I'm concerned I may not be fit to work a long shift the following day. My bf was going to come with me and wait and drive me back, but a female friend has said she will come and I think she will help me relax a bit more than my bf who I imagine is worried too. I feel scared about the whole thing, I've spoken to people who have had it done including my mum, but it's hard to take their advice of don't worry. It's taken me until now to find this site since Thursday,  as it doesn't come up straight away on a Google search, but it has by far been the most helpful and real. NHS websites etc are all well and good but they aren't people's experiences, just information. I found groups on Facebook but haven't joined as everyone will see I have, and don't want everyone to know.

Hi, glad you have found this website now, it is definately the most helpful one out there. With regards to your results I'm not sure what they mean with both severity being on your letter, I guess you could maybe ring yoyour GP about that tommorow. 


With the colposcopy at my hospital they done biopsy on one visit only, then LLETZ a few months later. My bf came with me to the first one, but after that my mum ended up coming as it made him feel awkward (men ey?). I had my biopsies taken on a thurs, and whilst it wiped me out that day I was able to go back to work the next day (I also do long shifts as a healthcare worker). Hope that helps a bit, feel free to ask anything else you want :) xx

Thanks for your reply, going to call gp tomorrow and speak to someone.  Managed to change my shift the following day so it's only 4 hours and won't start till 10am so that should help. Going to be a pain with sorting my horses so the bf will have to help me out with the muck picking in the field. If i get the choice to have treatment on the day I just want to get it done ASAP. Hopefully gp will help tomorrow. Thanks again

Gp was pretty useless, didn't even have a copy of results. He didn't know what they were getting at with severe & moderate. Just said a few weeks makes no odds. Also said he didn't think they did treatment on the day of colposcopy and I would have to go back again after biopsy results, where as the info I had made it sound like most likely will have treatment on the day if there are areas that need it. I don't want to hang around and wait months on end, having to recover after each time, my job requires me to be active & I have horses, I can't have months of taking it easy & I just want the Damn horrid stuff gone ASAP!!

Hey Hun, How are you doing? Do you mind me asking how old you are and do you have children yet? I had my colposcopy on Friday and my gynae said he only treat on the day if he was 100% sure it would be needed because of age and that I haven't had children yet as there is some evidence albeit very weak that the treatment can cause preterm delivery and an increased risk of miscarraige. These risks are very very small but they would rather be safe than sorry and not over treat. In the end I had was 2 punch biopsies and I have to wait for the results of these before they make any further decision. I have been in some discomfort after and have quite a bit of bleeding/ discharge. I too have an active job but you do need to take it very easy for a few days after and still be careful for about 2 weeks I would say, you don't want to risk pulling anything afterwards. From then on I would listen to your body and judge what you think you can do. I don't think tending to or riding your horses would be at all advisable after any biopsies or treatment.

As for your smear results, what exactly did you letter say? They tend to only put "High Grade" in the letter but this can be moderate (CIN2) or severe (CIN3), I rang my GP to find out which I was but it was also discussed at my colp, so if your GP doesn't know your gynae should be able to explain it to you at your app. Hope this helps a bit, feel free to message me if you want to xxx

I'm 28 and no children. letter said severe dyskaryosis (moderate) no mention of high grade or cin :-/. Sadly not tending to the horse at all is not an option,  so I will just have to do my best with what help I can get. I only have the rest of afternoon off work if I feel too ill to come back and expected to be back at work the next day. Have only got a 4 hr shift that day, 6hr on the day following and then a day at college. I have said in regards to lifting etc I won't be able to, so they know that. I will push for treatment on the day as I really don't have the option of having lots of time off and periods of inactivity. I know health is important, I had a liver transplant as a child, but if I can't work/have time off sick I can't afford to live. I also can't live with the anxiety of this horrid thing inside me any longer than it has to be. Most people I have spoken to who have needed treatment had it done on the day. I'm also concerned about my bodies ability to get rid of hpv if that is the cause, which it normally is,  as I take daily immunosuppresants which reduce the efficacy of my immune system to fight things like other people's would 

Hey Stacey,  I just wanted to share that I recently had a colposcopy and I was really freaked out about it.  I went during work and went back to work afterwards but I have an office job so that was fine for me.  It was weird and unplesant (esp as public hospital is just yuk!) but to be honest I was so busy clenching and stressing that I didn't actually notice when he took the biopsy... I think when I go back again I won't be quite so stressed.  At another appointment after that I had the LLETZ and I did have that day and the following off work - so if they do decide to treat on the day having that late start will be good.


Thinking of you and hoping it will be much easier then you imagine.  Don't know if it helps but i was told to pick a time after the appointment and keep telling yourself that no matter what happens by that time it will be all over :)  *hugs*

How you holding up hun? Still waiting for my biopsy results. A week to the day now. Oddly so much calmer than I was waiting for my colp. That wait was the worst, thinking of you and hope you're getting support through this. As you're a bit older than me they may be more open to treating the same day but I'm wondering if the wording of your smear results means they were unsure which category you fell into and I wouldn't be surprised if they'd prefer to biopsy in this case, esp since you don't have children yet. However that element may not be of concern to you? If not it's definitely worth pushing for treatment on the day if it looks like you'll need it. People seem to find lletz better than biopsies. Presumably because the cauterisation is more effective. I've had a lot of bleeding since my biopsies. As for HPV, you know best how your other health issues affect you dealing with viruses, but it is a very very common virus and can take a number of years for a healthy person to shift. I was never tested for it from my smear but I believe they are testing from the biopsy. It's worth discussing at your app. Honestly the most horrific part is the waiting. Just be careful after any biopsies/ treatment and get as much help as you can. I understand you can't put your life on hold but people do surprise you and come to your aid when you need it :) x 

Hey, been trying to forget about it as much as possible, had a great holiday and appointment is Monday. Re read the leaflets and the one that is specifically for my local NHS does say that high grade/severe they do often prefer to treat on the day as won't clear on its own, which to be honest I've rearranged things for this coming week in anticipation of that. The bit that is worrying me the most is the waiting for results and the restrictions on things you can do, I don't like being told I can't do things! Lol. Thanks for the messages :) hope everyones recoveries go ok x

Well after going today had the initial examination but because I'm in immunosuppresants they wouldn't do biopsies or treatment without finding out from consultant if I need antibiotics. He didn't feel I needed them but they wanted me to have some. Also they wanted my results rechecked. On looking nurse felt what she saw wasn't high grade only low. On having it rechecked came back as majority low grade very few high grade. So going back tomorrow for biopsies and not treatment as they felt it isn't needed. Tbh I would rather they just got rid of it all now rather than wait to see if it goes away or not :-/ got a dose of two antibiotics to take in the morning, just hoping they don't give me bloody thrush now!! Told me to listen to what body is telling me regarding horses etc and just to be sensible. So will just have to see what happens! May well end up.going back there for my checks now for the moment aswell, great!