severe dyskaryosis & constant bleeding

I started bleeding after sex just over a month ago, the first time it was gross and scary but I put it out of my mind, the second time I tried to book an appointment to see my gp but the gp I wanted had left and the wait was long blah blah blah so I left it. Then I started just spotting and got really worried so made an appointment. I've just moved house and I also take Microgynon- I was hoping that maybe the stress and the fact I had run a few (quite a few!) packets of the pill back to back might be to blame. My gp took a smear and said he could see that I had "cervical erosion" and said that i shouldn't worry as it was common with the pill. I got my results yesterday and a letter today and I'm really scared. They said they can't do the colopscopy if I have my period but i'm now bleeding pretty much all the time and it's hard to predict when it will be light or heavy. They have told me to come along anyway and see how it goes. I've read so many forums and advice sheets online about people with cin3 and how it's nothing to worry about but I can't find anyone who also has bleeding all the time and that's really scared me. I haven't taken my pill since my gp appointment as I read that if you stop taking the pill for a bit it can "re-set" your hormones to stop the erosion/bleeding. I don't know if stopping the pill is what's caused the bleeding (but it's been nearly two weeks now of always bleeding) but i'm convinced it's something worse. Can anyone offer any advice? Anyone else had this? Also do I need to take anyone with me to the colopscopy? I've read that if it's very bad they might take a biopsy there & then and I don't know how scary/painful that might be? I can't tell or take my mother as she seems to see my life as her own little soap opera and gossips about everything with just about everyone she knows whereas i'm very private.I just have these visions of going by myself and being told the worst and just sitting there alone in the hospital not knowing what to do next. sorry if i've waffled or if it sounds over-dramatic- i'm just so scared :(

Hi there - I’m so sorry you are so scared and have no-one to turn to. First of all, it might well be that the pill could be messing with your bleeding, and I always find that stress brings on bleeding (I only have to stay away from home for one night to bring on a bleed - makes the start of any holiday!) Cervical erosion is also very common, and can cause, as you know, bleeding.
It’s been quite a while since my last treatment, but I do remember if they use a local anaesthetic it can give you the shakes. I felt quite ‘bleh’ and just wanted to go home, and definitely wouldn’t have liked to drive. If you can find someone to take you there and home again, they don’t have to come into the treatment room (my squeemish hubby couldn’t). The nurses there are usually really lovely and supportive, and held my hand throughout. I found that if treatment was offered I preferred to take it there and then - I can’t stand the waiting part so getting it over with was better for me. That said, what they discuss with you at the time may depend on the status of your bleeding and your region’s own procedures.
I wish I could offer to do more for you, but sending hugs and hope you get things sorted soon.
Shiz x

Shiz- thank you.x

One of the things that’s stressing me is that all the leaflets and all the things I’ve read say “cn3 does not necessarily mean cancer” I just want something that quite clearly spells out “it’s definitely, 100% NOT cancer”
All my doctors keeps saying is “don’t worry” I feel so patronised- as if keeping me calm is the main goal- rather than finding out exactly what’s wrong.

I’ve read many stories now of people who were fine, and a few of some who DID turn out to have cancer :frowning: it’s confused and scared me more.

I’m 31 and have not had children yet- I desperately want them but it just hasn’t been the right time for me yet (or the right man! though my boyfriend might be the one… i’m not quite sure yet) I’m worried about the implications of all this.

I want to just write off the bleeding as stress (I’ve actually never heard of that before but my boyfriend keeps saying it’s possible and he has heard of it!) or because of my pill use- but ultimately I just want to get to hospital get checked out and have a letter stating that I’m fine and don’t have cancer- until then I don’t think I will stop worrying.

I just really want to confirm, if anyone can answer- as far as I understand; cn3 pretty much means, after the colopscopy I will almost certainly have to have some kind of procedure to remove it?

Hey hun i am in the same situation as you. I found out last monday that my smear came back as CIN3 (severe dyskaryosis)

i have spent the last week driving myself mad trailing the internet and getting myself in an awful state. Im terrified :frowning:

I dont even know when my colposcopy will be yet. I also have an erosion, iv had it for years and have always been told its not linked to cancer? My erosion bleeds loads and just last year i went to the doctor and they said it was my erosion bleeding and i didnt need a smear.

I hate the waiting and not knowing. Im in an awful state about this :frowning:

Misscupcake, I was told at my colposcopy the other day by one of the consultants assistants that CIN3 rarely gets better on its own, so you probably will need treatment to get rid of these cells. I think this is what is happening to me, but I’m currently, anxiously, waiting for my biopsy results.

Sheila- just replied to your pm

Suziec - thank you! It’s easier to prepare myself knowing a bit more about what’s in store.
I did think it would mean some sort of operation (hopefully just the small loop scrape-y thing, which doesn’t sound too bad :? )
how was the colopscopy? i’ve read about some people being offered treatment straight away (especially loop)

thank u all for

Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear all you have been going through. It was exactly the same symptoms that brought me to my GP last year. I started my period on 22nd Sept & just never stopped on & off. I was heavily bleeding after sex & subsequently ended up bleeding constantly. These were my only symptoms, no pain or anything else.

Just wondered if you have an appointment for your colposcopy yet or if you are still bleeding??

The first GP I saw said I would have to wait for the bleeding to stop before they could do a smear (it was 2yrs overdue) otherwise it would contaminate the result. This seemed stupid advice as the bleeding was constant.

I waited a couple of days then called my surgery back & requested to speak to a different GP. She agreed I shouldn’t have been sent away to ‘wait’ & she prescribed me northesterone tablets to stop the bleeding ( they prescribe them quite often to women who want to prevent periods whilst on holiday etc). The bleeding stopped & I had my smear a couple of days later & was diagnosed with mild dyskaryosis despite the smear being contaminated (I bled profusely when they touched my cervix).

I would definitely try & get these prior to your colposcopy. At least they may help the bleeding to stop & enable them to see your cervix clearer under the microscope.

The colposcopy itself was fine, not too painful. They did carry out punch biopsies (3) there & then but I insisted on a local anaesthetic which they gave me. It was uncomfortable but definitely manageable. Take some pads with you as you will no doubt bleed a little bit afterwards if you do get biopsies done, even if you are on northesterone.

I would also definitely advise you to take someone with you. Take all the support you can get, it’s obviously a really worrying time. In my case they were able to see the changes at my colposcopy and confirmed there and then that I would need treatment. It really helped having my husband with me. As I was already symptomatic (bleeding) they rushed my results through & I had them within 1wk. Hopefully they will speed the results through for you too so you don’t have to worry any longer than necessary!

Will be thinking of you. Good luck & let us know how your colposcopy goes.

Sorry to hear your going through this,I am like you going through same.I started bleeding in between periods and after intercourse about 3 yrs ago,kept going back to gp and they changed my pill,said it wasn’t strong enough.was on dianette about 3 month ago.started with pelvic pain,went to gp,she said it could be my ovaries.keep an eye on it,come back if it gets worse.

Next day by chance got my 3 yr appointment for pap test,nurse said my cervix was inflamed and bleeding on touch.had to see gp,she didn’t examine me just said I need a colposcopy,cervix erosion.said nothing to worry so much about erosion,cervical cancer,scared myself thinking the my pap test results back,just says I am at low risk cervical cancer for now,go again in 3 my colposcopy in 2 weeks.pelvic pain,kidney pain,back pain,leg pain.pressure when going toilet.I have 2 boys,worried.

Went a+e today with pains told me to take cocodamol and wait for my scan.2 weeks is a long time to wait when in pain.would appreciate any advice,has anyone else had same symptoms?thank-you.

I spot at times after sex and always before my period, which has been going on for years.
Was also told during my recent pap I most likely have cervical erosion as I bleed easy, and always during a pap.
Went for my colp and she saw some white bits which she snipped some tissue from and was sent off. Even if they see a little white area, it will be tested, so dont stress that its ‘bad’ :slight_smile:
She told me on the day it isnt cancer. Biopsy results come in and I have HPV and cin3 and awaiting laser surgery :slight_smile:
CIN3 is 100% not cancer, but needs to be treated as majority will lead onto cancer :slight_smile:

Hi just to say the colposcopy in my experience was totally fine. The biopsies are a wee bit nippy and to be honest getting the local anathstetic was a wee bit soarer than getting the biopsies and they literally take a couple of minutes. CIN 3 is 100% not cancer but the reason they say “mostly” is the smear may show CIN 3 but the biopsy may show cancer in a very small number of cases. The LLETZ itself is over pretty quick and never as bad as you will imagine it to be. I took my husband with me for the LLETZ and my mum for the colposcopy but they both sat in the waiting room. Best of luck let us know how you get on x

Just a quick update

had my colp on monday- it was a horrible experience :frowning:
rude doctor which made it even worse when, after examining me, she suddenly became very very nice.

she made me tell her everything with a (male) student in the room without bothering to ask if i minded. she seemed quite put out when i refused to have him in the room during my examination.
I was very quiet as i was so scared and she barked at me “you do speak english dont you?!” (surely she could see from my medical file that I speak english and also that I have an anxiety disorder?)
When I said yes but I’m nervous she sighed and rolled her eyes and me and said “you DON’T have cancer”
then after my exam my partner asked if she could be sure from looking that I didn’t have it- she suddenly became very stuttery and said “well only the biospy can tell for sure”- which made me even more worried- as if she was taking back what she had said earlier when, if she wasn’t sure, she should never have said “you don’t have cancer” in the first place.

Had two punch biopsies- the pain was bad but not unbearable.
Felt very very dizzy afterwards (maybe anxiety, or maybe because of the blood)

Have been bleeding quite a lot since with lots of clots. This seems to have slowed down today.

was told during the pre-colp discussion that results would take 4 weeks. then afterwards i was told 1-2 weeks then just recieved a call today asking me to come in on friday- they absolutely refused to give me any results over the phone which is infuriating!

Im terrified and anrgy :frowning:

Hi I’ve had the same thing as you for the last two months, started off with a 13 day period, then just started having random mid cycle bleeding. The nurse who took my smear said I shouldn’t have bothered coming if I was bleeding but she reluctantly sent it off anyway and then I pretty much got sent straight to hospital for a colposcopy but luckily I wasn’t really bleeding on that day! I think they could still do it if its light bleeding because they keep wiping it anyway (with horrible vinegar solution ouch!).
I heard that bleeding on the pill is quite common though… I’m not on the pill so they were more concerned.
I’m in hospital again tomorrow so fingers crossed for both of us! x

:frowning: something really needs to be done about all these horrible doctors and nurses! don’t they ever get ill or something?!

good luck for today.xx

Hi misscupcake,

Im feeling for you. I to had the same problems with the bleeding but i was lead to believe it was the menopuse!! i was back and forth to the doctors for 13 months as no-one wanted to help. This last May i was given some tests( i thought they would be to see whats wrong) a few weeks later i find out they were for STI, i was horrified and felt humilliated.10 weeks later i was sent to see if my coil was dislodged ( NO) At this point i was bleeding all the while and my back ached.

At the begining of Sept this year i went to the Colonoscopy clinic (YIPPEE) where they did a series of tests and a couple of biopsys ant then they discovered i had cervical cancer stage 2.

The treatment i received there after was fantastic, i had all my scan (mri & ct)  E.U.A,  and a Radical Hysterectomy (though the stomach) all with in a month, and in my opinion, not as bad as i thought it would be. I go back to see the consultant tomorrow as i have to have more treatment of some kind, we shall see tomorrow what life has dealt for me next.

You keep your chin up and stay positive smiley