severe dyskaryosis CIN3

Hi there,

I’m 25 and had my first smear about a month ago now. The results came back pretty fast and I was urgently given a colposcopy. I’m very worried as you can imagine and sufferer from anxiety. Diagnosed with severe dyskaryosis CIN3 and my nurse kept making me panic calling me leading upto my colposcopy appointment and begging me to go.

Now I just want to be prepared for worst case scenario. I had my colposcopy and biopsy 3 weeks ago now and although it’s said the results take 4-6 weeks, the doctor said it will probably be less. She did see the cells and I chose my treatment and I’m now awaiting my letter about surgery.

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with cervical cancer by letter? I’ve been having some of the symptoms long before my Smear so I’m really scared. Most recently I’ve got a really sore hip and skin sensitivity this has never happened before.

Has anyone ever had this? And was your cancer diagnosis through letter?


I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer following a lletz, however my diagnosis was given face to face. I was told results within 3-6 weeks however I got a call to see the consultant after a week. I didn't have any real symptoms however thinking back I did have an unusual discharge which I put down to my contraceptive implant. 
It is a very anxious time waiting and it's normal. Hopefully your results will come back and everything will have been removed during the treatment.


I had mine over the telephone 4 weeks after colposcopy. I was diagnosed a few weeks back with 1a1 cervical cancer. I have had mri and ct all ear just need another loop and eua in January. What treatment are you having?

I am sure it will be nothing to worry about and if it is it will have been caught early enough to be rectified. I have literally had and not had cancer in a matter of weeks xx


Straight answer to a straight question, no, I do not believe that anyone is ever told of a cancer diagnosis by letter.
a - because you might be all alone with nobody to speak to when you open the letter and
b - someone else might open the letter.

Sorry you are having this horrible uncertainty, things do get better after this stage I promise you, whatever the outcome the waiting for results and not knowing is always the worst part.

Be lucky :-)

I had lletz for CIN3 “see and treat” so no biopsies

My gynaecologist told me that i would receive my results by letter unless they were not straightforward (euphemism for cancer?) in which case an appointment would be made for me to discuss the results with him in person.

Thank you so much for responding. I've not yet had treatment and about to enter week 4 with no contact from hospital. Very anxious now but thank you for making me feel a bit better. Sorry you had to also go through this but glad it's worked out for you. X

Thank you so much for responding! I've chosen a cone biopsy but nothing had started yet. In two days it will be week 4, I'm very anxious now but fingers crossed I hear something soon and all will be well. Im glad you've managed to have yours sorted out. Wishing you all the best going forward  X

Thank you so much. X

Thanks for responding. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that a letter comes soon as it's 4 weeks now. X