Severe Dyskaryosis/CIN3 Letter

I received a letter in the post on Monday saying the results of my smear show severe dyskaryosis and I am to be referred for colposcopy.  My previous smears have been clear and I do not have any symptoms (except back ache which I have had for years), however as this week has gone on my worrying has increased and today I am feeling very tearful and struggling at carry on at work.

I am trying not to get too carried away and ahead of myself but I can't seem to help it, with worries about my two children, cancer etc etc ...

I would love to hear from anyone who can help.  Thank you so much.

Hi ali1974,

I have just had the same thing, went for my first ever smear at the ripe old age of 30, afterdig noting the letters for what- 5 years!

Had my smear on 14th jan, received that dreaded letter on 21st, had colposcopy and lletz treatmenwe last I'm waiting the results of the lletz; which I'm sure they said would be two weeks- but cant exactly remember as I found it a bit difficult to concentrate when the doctor was doing his thing down there (if u know what I mean!)

Are you having lletz or just colposcopy do you know?


Fayelilly x

Forgot to mention, I was also very tearful- same emotions as you have described; have convinced myself it's going to be bad news. I also have two children and work full time x

ladies the worry and waiting so far has been far more stressful than any treatment i have had up to date, google is a nightmare, can put the fear of god in you, it seems like ive spent the last 3/4 years waiting for results, a never ending journey.  there have been tears, and telling someone close about it brings on more tears, i know im being looked after well, but it really does put your life in limbo, should i plan this, oh i cant i dont know when im next in for treatment blah blah, im yet again waitng for results from my last lletz treatment, u think id be use to it, keep yourselves busy, look after your health and take whatever treatment is needed, be safe ladies, xxxx