Severe dyskaryosis and lump felt - worried!

Hi there,

Just wanted a little bit of advice. I have just had the results from my smear test to say I have severe dyskaryosis. A couple of months ago I also felt a lump on the side of my cervix just behind the opening. I am practising natural family planning which gets you to feel for your cervix to check the position of it etc (I am also a midwife so know what I’m feeling for!). This was something I just brushed off having seen a gynae consultant a few months ago following some pain and bleeding during sex.

I had a lletz procedure 3 years ago followed by an abnormal follow up smear which was shown to be HPV changes and so was put back to normal 3 yearly recall. This is my first smear following this so am extremely anxious to have these results.

I have colposcopy on friday 17th march. Feels like a life time away!

Just wondering if anyone knew whether the lump was something to be worried by? I think being a midwife has made me read into things so much and have got myself in such an anxious state!

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: xx