Severe Dyskaryosis after first smear. HELP!

Hi everyone

I have been trawling this site for a couple of weeks now and thought I'd post as I thought that may answer my questions (or anyone elses in the same situation) quicker than me reading through horror stories on Google!

Everyone on here seems so lovely & helpful!

I'm 25 and originally from the UK but I've just moved to Canada. I had my first smear test at the end of January this year and flew to Canada on the 7th of Feb. By the 9th, my results had been sent to my home address and I had my mum on the phone telling me my results show Severe Dyskaryosis. I was/am so freaked out. I've tried really hard to keep my mind focused on other things. I guess it helps a little with moving country! 

I immediately found a colposcopy clinic here in Canada and have my appointment tomorrow afternoon. 

I worked myself into a state just going for my smear a few weeks ago so I'm not looking forward to this at all. Especially because I have a male Gynocologist performing the Colposcopy. I know that should be the least of my worries but I feel so uncomfortable and worried about the whole thing anyway, and would much rather a female nurse.

There are a couple of things I'm worried about. I know this is result does not mean I have cancer but after researching Cervical Cancer so much in the last few weeks, I feel I am more at risk.

I have been on the contraceptive pill for 11 years.

I (stupidly) first had sex at the age of 14 - I know this is awful :( - So have been sexually active for 11 years

I have had 10 sexual partners. (TMI, I know - But I keep thinking this adds to the risk!)

I do not smoke and never have.

Do these things make me more at risk? What if I've had severe dyskaryosis since I was 14!? That's 11 years! Surely that would have turned into something serious by now?

I know a lot of you have had the same result and the cells have been removed but there are also a few other stories on here that worry me quite a lot.


Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice anyone can give me. I really appreciate it.




I've just joined this sight today.

1/ Don't worry about it being a male Dr at all trust me you will not be even thinking about that! You have to remember that they are used to seeing it 

Everyday so they wont be looking at u like how you are thinking! In UK I have recently had colposcopy biopsy and colposcopy lletz.

There was a male Dr and 2 female nurses present in the room at the sametime.

You have to go put those thoughts to one side it's to help you and you won't even think about any embarassment as soon as your out of there!

Don't worry about how you've lead your life so far you've done what you've done focus on now and the future.


Majority of sexually active adults get HPV its just when your body can't get rid of it or cope with it displays in such a way.

As with alot of people the cells are pre-cancerous so look at it in a positive light that they found it ealry and are helping you.


I don't smoke started pill at 15yrs and was sexually active from then. My first smear at 25yrs was fine my second abnormal.  The fact they've caught it now is good.


You really should try and relax and best as you can forget about it whilst you are waiting on results etc thats what I've done whittiling won't change the positive and it will help you deal with it :)


Hope this helps a bit. Good luck let us know how it goes x


How did it go? :)


i am in exactly same situation as you im also 25 and had my first smear test my results have came back exactly the same also all I have done is worry and Google horror stories which is the worst thing to do I have also been on the pill and sexualy active since 14 I have my colscopy on Thursday hope it all went ok for you today x

Hi ladies

I didn't have mine done today in the end. The Dr I'm booked in with had a fall last night and had to cancel his appointments. So now I have to wait a whole extra week :( I know nothing is going to change in a week whatever's wrong with me, I just hate the waiting and just want to get sorted out!

I've had no symptoms what so ever of the dreaded Cervical Cancer so I'm hoping to God that's a good sign. The whole thing is making me worry so much that I'm barely sleeping. 

Let us know how yours goes on Thursday. I hope everything's okay! xx


Any update on this? X