Severe Dyskarsis (sp?) And have been bleeding after sex etc

I've done loads of reading on this forum and it's safe to say freaking out but at least not alone in this.

I got the severe grade on my letter and have to go for colopscopy. I have a question.. is bleeding after sex and spotting between periods just a sign of cervical cancer or could also be a symptom of having unusual cells. I've noticed something was up for about a year but when I asked to have a smear I was told I had to wait until my usual smear. My last smear before this was all clear.. now I'm wondering if I should have pushed harder with my doc.. I'm scared this has developed into something bad.

Another question: if you had cancer they would be able to tell in the first smear usually right? You won't go for a colopscopy and find out you have like stage 3 cancer or does everyone regardless of results have to get this done and some people find out it's cancer.

Ahh I know I'm waffling but any clarification anyone can offer would be appreciated...


Thank you, Ellie x