Severe dyskarosis

Hey just wanted to put my little story out there, had my last smear 3 years ago and came back fine… Had my recent smear 2 weeks ago to find out I have severe dyskarosis I thought my life was over and thought I had cancer etc thought it had spread all over my body (fearing the absolute worst) I have 3 beautiful baby’s 7,4 and 1!!! So as you can imagine my whole world fell apart!!! All sorts was going through my mind! Anxiety kicked in majorly on top of having iron defiency anaemia and bad toothache!!! Then receiving that news was the tip of the iceberg!!! Anyways… Had my appointment today with colcoscopy and they were absolutely brilliant and reassuring!!! She said my smear results had detected exactly what she could see and gave me treatment there and then to burn away the dyskarosis and gave the cervix a biopsy! I didn’t feel the anaspetic (needle) go in but the effects were awful!! Heart pounding colour drained from me but ok within a few minutes!!! It’s uncomfortable but nothing major! And she said to me that it’s all been burnt away and the biopsy will be sent off and I’ll prob have to go back in 6 months for another check up!!! I’m still scared waiting for the results but at least whatever was lerking down below has been burnt away and not festering inside still!! Anyone else going through this please comment so your not alone!!! I was honestly going out of my mind and its little a little weights been lifted! Obviously I’m still anxious waiting on results but just need to be patient now and try not to let my anxiety get the better of me xxxx