Severe dyskariosis // High-risk HPV

Hi Ladies,

I had my first dodgy smear results over 6 months ago showing severe dyskariosis, which I had treated with LLETZ. I went back for my 6 month check up a few weeks ago and have just had the results - normal smear, but high-risk HPV. The hospital has made me a further colposcopy appointment for 2 weeks’ time.

I have found a lot of scary information online about this - everything says that high-risk HPV is directly linked to cancer, that it rarely causes cell changes (making me think I’m a special case) and that it is also linked to non-cervical cancers such as mouth and throat. I have a boyfriend and have also looked up the affect it can have on men - other scary, often un-symptomatic cancers.

Has anyone been through something similar? I am desperately looking for some reassurance that this is common and that the HPV is likely to clear up despite the cell changes.

Thanks in advance x

Hi JHad

Please try and stay away from google as you will only read horror stories! Try and stick to these forums where people have been in similar situations to yourself.

I haven't experienced this myself, however my friend has had a couple of results showing normal smear but high grade HPV. She just had to be checked on more regularly and any cell changes are then picked up quickly and can be removed again. you're in the system now so you are being well looked after. HPV can be cleared so don't think that it can't. Good luck with your colposcopy xx