Severe dyskariosis from smear. Colposcopy visually normal

Hi, Looking for anyone who has had a similar experience to talk to.

I had a Normal smear 4 years ago, then smear 16th Jan came back severe high grade dyskariosis, so booked in for Colposcopy with possible LEETZ procedure if able. The consultant couldn’t find any area to treat during my colposcopy so took 3 biopsies and I’m now waiting for results of these to determine what happens next. Totally random and not what I was expecting at all.  

Any input gratefully received. Four children and trying to be positive about this.



Hi hun, yes I had a similar experience (you can read my post in the forum). My smear result was moderate high but at the colcospocy the consultant could only see a couple of white patches (he even commented that my cervix looked nice, as in healthy lol) so didnt offer me the treatment but took 2 biopsies. Biopsies came back showing low grade which to me only confirmed what the consultant said so I thought I could relax but a week later a letter arrived saying they "didnt believe the biopsy to be accurate" and retested my smear sample which confirmed moderate high grades so in the end i've had to have the treatment. My impression is that they seem to trust the results from the smear test more than a colposcopy or a biopsy but again every case is different so please be positive, whatever the outcome you are now in the system and you will be looked after x

Hi Morjan 

thanks so much for replying.

it does seem everyone’s experiences are different, I’ve read a lot of posts on the forum but I just can’t seem to find anyone that’s had a similar experience to me.

Did you have the LEETZ procedure on the area of white cells then? My consultant didn’t even mention this to me, he said, I’m having trouble finding an area to treat. So wether that means there was some abnormal colouring or not I just don’t know.

i really am so puzzled and so did he appear to be as we’d discussed in detail before the colposcopy the treatment he would do today.