severe discaryosis



I'm going out of my mind with worry.  


I go for regular smear tests and my last one (back in December) came back as inadequate.  I went back 2 weeks ago for a repeat smear.  I received a phone call from the hospital on Wednesday to say that my smear test was abnormal and to go to an appointment for next Wednesday for a coloscopy.  I told them that I was really worried because I have been having back pain and what seems like ovary pain.  I also had a period type pain for 2 months.  The nurse that I spoke to said that she could tell that I was really worried, and although she could't give me the results over the phone the results that she was looking at were not showing what I was thinking (cancer).


I then got in a real panic and rang me GP to see if they could give me any more information.  She was really lovely and explained everything to me.  She said that there five reasons for abnormal smears

1 - inadequate

2- borderline/mild changes

3 moderate discaryosis

4 severe discaryosis

5 cancer cells


She told me that my results had come back as severe discaryosis and that these cells are unlikely to return to normal.  she also said that smears were designed exactly for women like me - to detect the cells before they turn into cancer cells.  


The thing that really worries me is that the GP said that she had to be honest with me and that there was a chance that it could be cancer but they can't tell without a biopsy.   This has made me terrified.  The nurse at the Coloscopy clinic said that they are pre cancerous cells (I rang her back and told her that I had received the result from my GP and could she repeat everything as it hadn't gone in) and that all they will do is remove them before they turn to cancer cells.

I've been reading stories on here and some people were diagnosed with cancer after having a biopsy taken at the coloscopy.


What I'm asking, I suppose is, if they do find that it's cancer, am I right in thinking that because there are no cancer cells present in the smear test it will be in the early stages and therefore treatable?



Yes! My smear came back as abnormal/?. I asked what the ? Is & they said poss CC. It was at my colposcopy that I got diagnosed with 1b1 which after further tests was downgraded to 1A1. my colposcopy was in April & by May I was cancer free. IF you have CC it sounds like it would be very early & then very treatable.

Good Luck,

Clare xxx

Hiya my smear also came back as severe, i had a lletz treatment and the results were only CIN1 so please try not to worry to much, not that its easy not to worry! stay busy and posotive and ill keep my fingers crossed for you x