Severe cramping and bleeding during and after smear

I’m 24 years old and I had my first smear test today , I wasn’t particularly nervous as I’ve had a child and I’ve become used to all those intrusive examinations!

It was all going fine , the speculum didn’t hurt at all, but when she started scraping I instantly got these unbelievably horrible cramps, I got hot , sweaty and nauseous & really thought I was going to pass out.
When she pulled the brush/swab out it was covered in bright red blood. The nurse told me the pain and the bleeding wasn’t normal.
I’ve had a bit of bloating and bleeding/pain in between periods but I always put it down to being on the pill and taking it back to back (DR assured me this was fine). So I assumed the bleeding was just breakthrough bleeding.
I’ve now been booked in for a pelvic exam as the nurse is concerned about PID, (I’m married and was tested during pregnancy and everything was fine).

I was an absolute emotional mess after which is not like me, I feels dramatic to say but I felt so traumatised, from this pain I wasn’t expecting and the concerns from the nurse. Has anyone else experienced this?

This is exactly what happened to me when I had my smear test in November last year, my pelvic u/s is booked in for Thursday 7th March. I just can't understand why its all happened. Since having my little one last year who came via planned section, my lady parts have never been the same. Its painful during intimacy (which was far and few between because the thought of the pain just horrified me). Both my swabs that was taking from the Gp came back normal, as did my smear results. I currently breastfeed my lo and have done for last 6 months, again I keep thinking is it just a hormone inbalance?? I'm hoping I get answers after Thursday