Severe changes in my smear

Hi, new here.

I recieved my smear test results yesterday and have been given a severe dyskotosis (sorry if spelt wrong) result.
I am 25 and this is my 2nd smear in a year as had borderline changes on my smear test in oct 2015.
As you can imagine, 2 days before christmas, with all surgeries now closed, and 2 young daughters ages 1 and 4 years i have gone into complete meltdown.
I am scared, i feel sick…i am imagining all sorts.
I have already experianced a colopscopy due to my smear results last time, but they have now got me booked in for just over a weeks time. I dont know whether to be pleased or panicked that it is so rushed!
Sorry just needed to vent! Thanks all x

Sorry you got the results before Xmas... That sucks! :-( Try your hardest to push it to the back of your mind and enjoy the family time Xx

I had same result as you and my previous smear was completely normal! Added to that I had additional symptoms - spotting after intercousrse and dodgy discharge for months! I was totally convinced I had cancer.  I was even more convinced after I received my smear results only 8days after my smear and was booked in for the colposcopy and Lletz the next week........

HOWEVER! The procedure wasn't as bad as I imagined and my results came back CIN 3 no cancer. Be positive that the vast majority of girls have very successful treatment.