Severe changes but pregnant

Hi. I have an important question to ask please about severe cervical bell changes and pregnancy. I had a smear test last month and it returned with severe abnormal changes. The changes have been getting progressively worse over the past 3 years, but I didn't have treatment as I was pregnant, yet last November a Nurse did my colposcopy and gave me the all clear. This severe change is a real shock, so I went for a colposcopy and they said I needed treatment. 2 days prior to the colposcopy I found out I was pregnant. They sent me for a scan, which found I was 8 weeks pregnant. I am now in a horrible place because I don't know what is going to happen. My husband and I have already decided that we would choose my health over another baby if we HAD to make that choice, for the sake of our other child, but I just don't know what to do. I can't get excited about our baby because his/her and my future feel so uncertain. Thanks. Has anyone else been in this situation? :-)

Hi there, I have been where you are so hopefully I can help. I was informed I had borderline cell changes following a routine smear in 2012. I was 32 at the time and all previous smears had been normal. I also tested positive for hpv. I received these results literally an hour after finding out I was pregnant so I totally understand how worried you must feel. I was referred for a colposcopy which I had when I was 9 weeks pregnant, although I was told they would not be doing a biopsy. Basically, they told me looked pretty mild and they were happy to monitor me throughout the pregnancy. I had another colposcopy at about 7 months pregnant and although the abnormalities were still present, they said it was safe to leave it until after the birth. Pregnancy and birth both went well, no problems, and 9 weeks after the birth I had another colposcopy and a couple of biopsies.  The biopsies showed severe changes, so worse than my smear and colposcopies so a few weeks later I had LLETZ treatment,  which was successful and my 6 month follow up smear was normal.  Ii must say, the whole thing did ruin my enjoyment of the pregnancy, despite the reassurance but that is only natural. It's a terrible feeling but feel reassured that you will be monitored closely throughout. I received both midwife and consultant care throughout my pregnancy. I felt wrll looked after which was comforting. Fingers crossed gor a hsppy healthy pregnancy for you X

I had mild cell changes last July - asked to return for a yearly smear, did this July only to find out I had high grade cell changes - perfect only i was 15/16 weeks pregnant at the time. Had colpolscopy a week later and A bit of a breakdown to the consultant (she'd done a laproscopy for me in may as pregnancy had been suspected as ectopic) so was very kind but basically told me to 'pull myself together' and to enjoy my pregnancy. She explained she would keep an eye on me through pregnancies via colposcopy which she has done. Shes basically had a good look and taken a picture at each one bit has not disturbed cervix at all. Though explained a biopsy was safe should she ever feel neccessary. I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and she's happy to leave me be until after little ones impending arrival and has said we'll reassess next year and carry out neccessary treatment then. i hope a little bit of this makes sense and you are well looked after! Xx