Severe changes again 2 years after 1A1


So I'm freaking out after getting the dreaded letter. Had my follow up smear 2 weeks ago and I have received a letter from my doctor's to say that the results have come back as severe changes and that the colposcopy clinic would send me a letter directly with an appointment.

My history is this- had my first abnormal smear in 2012 which showed moderate changes. At colposcopy they did a LLETZ as cells were evident. Biopsy esults came back as CIN 3 with a tiny area of malignant change (1A1) and unclear margins so had to have a 2nd LLETZ to ensure the remaining CIN 3 was removed. I then had a follow u at 6 months which was all clear and then again another 6 months later. So silly me was thinking it was all behind me when I was hit with this bombshell today.

Has anyone else had this? I just can't understand how it can go to clear to severe in just 12 months???? What also worries me is that at the time of the smear the doctor said everything looked perfectly fine!! He put the solution on anyway and nothing showed up. How can this happen? What worries me now is that the changes might be higher up. I'm really really worried!

Please if anyone has a similar experience I would be grateful to hear it.


Thanks x x

Hi sorry I can't help. I'm in the same position you were in 2years ago having just had my 2nd LLETZ following stage 1a1 myself. I've got my follow up booked for 4months time, but I'm extremly anxious of having abnormal changes again (partly as im only 25 so have many yrs of screening ahead of me still). I hope yours ends up all fine after everything youbhave been through already it is understandable to now be scared you jave further abnormal changes! xxx

Thanks for your reply, it's all the waiting isn't it that's the worst thing. I'm hoping I get a letter today with an appointment for colposcopy so at least I can focus on that. I just can't believe it's all happening again :-( 

That's great news that it's all clear for you, hopefully thats it over for you now x x