Severe CGIN, cone biopsy under general

First smear 11th Feb - results just said abnormal 

Colposcopy 5th March - no leaflet on CGIN just told me I’d have to have treatment either way 

Biopsy results negative, referred to multi disciplinary meeting 

MDM decided I need treatment 

colposcopy nurse specialist says it’ll be in their clinic under local and no big deal 

got a call to book my pre assessment appointment 3rd April 

called colposcopy nurse to ask why I have to have a pre assessment if it’s just local and not a big deal.. 

apparently im going in day surgery unit and under general... and that it will be a cylinder chunk taken out of me rather than the usual cone... so I assume I’m having the cold knife biopsy ? When I call to ask questions they make me feel ridiculous for calling and asking... yet I’m not being told much. Nurse specialists seem to be very chilled about it but the consultants aren’t? 

Please someone with CGIN enlighten me - all my info is from here and google! 

Hi Katie i had a smear just saying abnormalities received a letter in the post for a colposcopy i went on the 26th of Feb had to have treatment there and then I had Lletz was very confused as the lady said I had a perfect cervix so I said well why am I here then and she said I have CGIN is all I got told was it's further up and harder to detect so I had Lletz and a biopsy and got told I may need a cone biopsy that's all what was said nearly 4 weeks on I'm still waiting for results i just thought ild share sorry I can't be of much help just yet but I'll let you no what happens if it helps in anyway as we both have CGIN i hope everything goes ok for you X

Hi Katie,

I'm sorry that you're going through this. I live in Canada and also found it really difficult to get information. In fact, it's impossible to actually talk to someone from the colposcopy clinic on the phone (can you believe??) but I digress...

I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ (CGIN term in N America) and underwent a LEEP in November. This seems to be the standard first treatment for AIS. I was told that it would be possible to do one or two LEEPs before a cone biopsy would be considered if they weren't successful in getting everything the first time around. I'm not sure if that's specific to my own case or if that's standard across the board. Given that the LEEP can be done with just a local, it would be worth investigating whether they can try to do that as a first step for you.

My results were inconclusive due to margins with cauterized tissue and I'm going for a 4 month follow up colposcopy next week. They will check to see if there is any more cells left. At that time I'm also going to ask for copies of all my surgical and pathology reports as I haven't seen them myself and I feel like I need these and be more of an advocate for myself.

I also found it reassuring to book an appointment with my family doctor following the procedure to review the results and options. I found the specialist to be more rushed and less open to talking about all of the various options but my (female) family doctor has been incredibly supportive and patient and even went through a LEEP herself, so I've found that to be a big help in navigating all of this.


Good luck!

Thanks for sharing your experiences guys! 

Reading all these forum posts infuriates me.. we shouldn’t have to resort to forums and google to find out about this! I’m making a formal complaint to the NHS as soon as I’ve had my surgery. It can’t go on like this! 

Pre assessment tomorrow afternoon wish me luck! I wonder if they’ll decide to share any info with me this time... I just hope they manage to get it all out with this cone/cylinder biopsy I’m having nightmares about having a hysterectomy at 25. 

Sadly my female GP is quite matter of fact and often just says she doesn’t know as much as the hospital do... 


Posting an update in case anyone comes across this on google absolutely terrified, when the replies suddenly stop it scares me even more and I wouldn’t want to do that to anyone! 

Had my NETZ treatment under GA last week. Lovely of them to finally tell me an hour before what procedure they had decided on! 

I was terrified to go under general, as were two other women in my ward. It was absolutely fine and I haven’t even had any pain or bleeding! 

Called up for results today and they said in progress... trying to stop myself from google or delving into these forums