Severe cell changes in 12 months

Hey, so I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to me.
Last December I had a smear which showed up as HPV positive but normal cells however this December I have severe cell changes.
Now to me that’s very quick changes in 12 months. Especially when you read information on cell changes and duration.
I went to the hospital today for a colposcopy and the consultant did LLETZ there and then. He even admitted that my cells have turned fast. I’m absolutely besides myself thinking my results is going to show up as cancer. I’m literally making myself physically ill with fear. I have a 5 and 3 year old and my Christmas has been ruined this year through pure fear
Has anyone else had cell changes happen in such a short period of time?

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Hi @JS22

Cell changes do most often take years to progress but they dont always behave the way they should… my cells went from borderline to CIN3 in just over 13 months… new research has suggested that CIN doesnt always come in a linear fashion so it may not always have a CIN1-2 stage at first, but the timeline of CIN developing into CC is still 3-15 years depending on the immune system

In rare cases CC can develop between screening (i had this stated in black and white on one of my smear result letters) but it doesnt happen often enough in the UK for them to change the procedure so it is a rarity xx

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Hi @JS22

Just to say your experience is very similar tk mine. Results of my October 2021 routine smear came back as HPV positive but no cell changes.
Had another smear in October this year and was still HPV positive but this time there were cell changes and they were graded as severe.
I had a LLETZ procedure on 23 November and am still waiting for results.

Like you I’ve read that cell changes tend to be slow so am really worried too.

Hope the New Year brings good news to you.

Well I’m a way it’s nice to read that someone else is in the same position as me, I like to think it may not be as uncommon as I think.
I hope you have good news too will keep everything crossed for you.
Please let me know how you get on xx

This has happened to me also. In January 2020, I was HPV positive, with no abnormal cells, and by Jan 21, I had CIN 3. I had lletz treatment, and my test of cure following this was all clear. It’s a shock to go from no abnormalities to severe in a year, but it doesn’t automatically mean a worse outcome. It’s difficult to distract yourself from waiting for your results, and very easy to obsessively google, and self diagnose yourself, I know!


Thanks @Elizabeth and @JS22

@LJ12 have you had your results yet?

No not yet - said end of January.

I had my results on Thursday, good news! It was confirmed I had CIN3 but they’ve all been removed.

I’ll have a smear in 6 months time to check but otherwise it’s all good.


That’s brilliant news. I had the same results too. Such a relief isn’t it.

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Brilliant news for you too!

Am 4 weeks now hope i hear soon had lletz for moderate severe changes hpv c

Hi and thank you for posting. Sorry I’m new to this site and unsure how it works but please can you advise me? I just found out I’m hpv + no cell changes. But, 9.5 wks after the smear and there was still constant pain, so I’m doubting the clear cell result. Can I ask if you had any ongoing constant pain after smear please? Thank you

Ps dull constant feel like mild period pain - worse when needing the toilet. (ovarian cancer scan and blood test, fillopian tubes scan all clear)

Hi did you get a letter telling you what the lletz biopsy said x

Hi did you get a letter telling you the results of what biopsy showed after lletz x i just been told so far come back six months but said i would get a letter just worried whats biopsy showed

Yeah I got a letter detailing my results etc

No I had no pain after my smear. If you’re uncomfortable still I’d definitely talk to your gp and get someone to make sure all is ok

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