severe bleeding

Hi everyone,  and firstly thanks for such an informative site. I've been looking through various posts and haven't really come across anything similar to my issues. 

I live in spain,  and up until about 4 years ago was screened regularly,  all normal to date. For the last 8 weeks or so, in between my periods (which are irregular anyway) I have had a clear discharge, and lots of it - enough to necessitate a tampon anyway. About two weeks ago my period started,  and then seemed to go on and on.

Last Thursday,  my bleeding changed,  became extremely heavy, with blood clots the size of my fingers - obviously there's no tampax that can cope with this. On Friday,  I took myself off to the emergency docs who basically thought I was there for a painful period,  however she did refer me to the hospital,  where they carried out blood test and pregnancy test. By then I was feeling quite faint,  and after a few hours saw the oncall gynae. 

He again was quite dismissive, told me I wasn't miscarrying, haemoglobin and iron fine so basically why was I there... The nurse set me up whilst he called questions through from the other room. When he did eventually come through he took one look at me and his whole attitude changed. Apart from the fact he couldn't mop up the blood fast enough, he struggled to see exactly what was happening. The force of the blood loss meant he also had problems with the speculum - he eventually managed to take 4 or 5 biopsies,  all the time telling me I was right to have gone and that I have "something important " on my cervix. He's rushed it through and I have an appointment with oncology on Thursday. 

He's prescribed me transexamic acid (anti-hemorraghe) tablets in the meantime,  put on my.papers that I have a bleeding ulcer with possible neoplasia,  and sent me on my way. The tablets seem to have brought the bleeding under control, until today at least,  which saw me.back in emergencies,  with a huge blood loss yet again -I'm now going for more blood tests in the morning, I'm in a lot of pain and am obviously very worried about Thursday. 

Having spoken to the emergency docs today,  I asked her to explain the paperwork I have been given,  to which she replied that it's not her place to say, but he has basically put that it's possibly cervical cancer and it should have all been explained. 

So sorry for having rambled on! Would like to ask if anyone has experienced similar bleeding,  and what the outcome was. I would also urge anyone with unusual symptoms to go to your doctor straightaway - don't put it off as I did and let it get to this stage. 

Thanks for "listening "/reading 


Hi Sharon,

I am so sorry to hear your are going through such a heard time! bless you I hope you have all the right support too.

I guess all will be revealed today though? Hopefully it is nothing more then an ulcer like he told you! either way as you will see from all the lovely posts on here cervical cancer is very unlikely and since your symtoms havnt been going on for ages it could be something completely different. either way you will get through and I hope you can update us on what comes of your meeting today. Glad they delt with it so quickly xxx