severe abnormalities. .scared 24 year old

Hi.please can someone share experiences. 

I am 24 and have been told I have severe abnormalities booked in for colposcopy but still doesn't help in the meantime

Try not to worry, when u go for your Colposcopy you mave have a LLETZ performed where they removal the abnormal cells under local anaesthetic. It's over quite quickly and although it can be uncomfortable I wouldn't describe it as painful. The biopsy will be sent to the lab and u will recieve results in up to 4 weeks and need to book another smear for 6 months. This is what normally happens. I've had 3 now and although it is very worrying at least its being treated so your chances of it getting worse are a lot less. Try not to worry and take someone with u xx

Thankyou for your reply and advice. .will try to get through this next week in one piece. 

I have also been asking for a smear for the last coming up 3 year as had symptoms and mum has had cervical cancer but they wouldn't do owt with me not being old enough xx

That's crazy! It used to be 18 but they changed it to 24 just after I turned 18 so I stupidly never went until I was 28. No woman should be turned down for a smear, especially given your family history. Try not to panic, it takes years for these abnormality to turn into something serious in most cases. I know it's not easy though, it plays on my mind constantly but i'm trying to focus on the facts and figures and take comfort in the fact things are being watched and treated regularly x

It is and us women know our bodies and with me having my daughter at 18 its a long wait. .just guna be the longest week of the year aswel as trying to be a mum.i feel soo much more needs to be done in regards for screening.i feel a sense of relief that I know it hasn't just me being paranoid but doesn't help the fact that next week is going to be the worst day of my life to date xx

Hi i am in the same position i have got a growth that was found last week so my colposcopy is next week. I am frightened its been 9yrs since my last smear so i just keep thinking how long has it been there has it been spreading. I wish you all the best we just have to be brave strong and positive

Hiya. .its horrible feeling and thinking the worse..but I have had a sixth sense as had back pain which wasn't relieved with medication. .pelvic pain..abnormal discharge which is embarrassing as its nothing else as kept going to get checked..all have been clear and pain in sex to which I stopped having it cos it more uncomfortable then owt.


I have the Colposcopy on the 25th and im just expecting the worse but hoping for the best.

I wish you all the best too xx