severe abnormalities results from 1st colposcopy!!

Hi everybody im new here and have just been searching the forums for bit of advice or to find someone who has had a similar Situation.

After my first smear in may my results came back with high dyskaryosis and went for a colposcopy a few weeks after where I had loop treatment And was told I had cin 3. 

So today I received my letter results to say my abnormalitys are more severe than expected and need to go back for further treatment (loop biobsy) not much was said in the letter other than this and I am to expect another letter soon with an appointment and more details to explain the result! Why they couldnt put all this in the letter I received today I dont know because now all I am doing is thinking the worst!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for reading, 

Becky xx

Hi Becky,

I'm new here too and although I haven't had my loop treatment yet, I have heard (and read on cancer research website) that for 1/5 women, a second go at treatment is required. It's all relevant to the area it covers. If it's a larger area it can be difficult to get everything the first time.

I'm awaiting my biopsy results atm (2 weeks since my colposcopy). The doctor took a photograph of the affected areas on my cervix and explained to me afterwards that as it was, it would be a large area to remove in one go.  He's suggested I come off the pill for a couple of months until I go for the treatment.  He's hoping this will help the area get smaller and be more manageable!

It is a very scary ordeal to go through with a lot of waiting around but I'm sure after this second treatment, it will all clear up and you can get back to normal! 



hi Becky how have you got on? Big hugs Xxx

Hi ladies, 

Thanks for your replys, been away on holiday much needed  :- )

I went on wednesday for my second colposcopy and was told the reason for going back was because they found a small amount of cancerous cells and by small amount it was small he said under 1mm. So they just wanted me back for another lletz to check that they had got it all the first time. Will be waiting around 4-6 weeks for the results and fingers crossed will be clear xx

Hi Amanda,

How did you get on with the biopsy results you were waiting on? Xx