sever result rushed colposcopy

Hi All
I had a smear test 2 weeks ago iv had a phone call yesterday and was called in to the doctors and told I have very severe dyskariosis which needs to be looked into further the doctor rang and have booked me in for a colposcopy on Wednesday at 9.25 iv looked at this forum and am now panicking as every1 else seems to have been notified by letter and have waited several weeks for treatment am I worrying for nothing as I have over the last few years had a lot of problems gynae wise and am currently waiting for a scan for a probable cyst on my ovary due to constant pain for last few months and have had infections in the womb and also suffered a miscarriage last year.

Hi Debbie,

Plesase try not to panic! Different NHS trusts do different things, some call and some write. I received a letter ten days after my smear and it also confirmed severe changes. I had my colposcopy and whilst they couldn't carry out the biopsy, they were able to confirm CIN3 at the appointment.

Severe changes don't mean cancer, they can be easily removed and treated successfully. It's rare that they find anything more sinister at the colposcopy but they will tell you what they can see. I've had problems with my ovaries too, i had a laparoscopy last summer but cancer wasn't found.

Please stay positive and try not to google! Wishing you lots of luck for Wednesday x


Hi Debbie,

I only had moderate changes but at my first smear (see my signature!) I got a phone call before any results form the urgent appointments line at the hospital. In my case it's apparently something they do when they have a cancellation - I politely fed back once I'd recovered my senses that it would be nice if they could inform people of this as I proceeded to have the worst two weeks of my life between the phone call and the appointment. As Dougal said, different places do things differently so try not to worry too much (she says, I am not good at this in practice!). Take it one day at a time, and know that you're in the system and being looked after no matter the results are x x xx 

Thanks both of you. Well I went and saw the consultant and he confirmed pre cancerous cells but also told me this does not mean u actually have cancer which did put my mind at ease. I then had the LLETS treatment i didnt feel the injections at all but then the actual treatment was excruciating he told me he had to go quite deep and I jumped of the table at 1 point (not a gud idea with a burner inside u lol) he was very apologetic and just kept going and apologising saying it needed to come out now rather than have to come back for a 2nd treatment. He has sent what he took out off for biopsy so am keeping everything crossed and as busy as I can till I get the results.