Sever pain after sex, leaking bleeding

Hi all hope you are doing well. I was just wondering if anyone else had problems after sex. I'm 7.5 weeks post op and had sex twice which was ok, however the third time on Friday we had sex I've had pain ever since. Also after sex there was bright red blood and leaking what looked like serous fluid again. Although there isn't now much blood maybe a pink tinge when I wipe myself my stomach feels so tender and can't really benod down I feel like I've took 10 steps back. Sorry if too much information but just need to know of this is normal or do I need to go back to hospital again ??? 

hi, I had scar tissue which was found at my first check which had caused bleeding.  However, I would definitely call your specialist and get them to check as it would definitely do you no harm and put you at ease :) 

Hiya :-)

So sorry to read this. Two things, there is no such thing as TMI on this site, we're all grown up and the squeamish girls have already run away. ALWAYS get medical advice from your doctors and not the internet. This site is great for practical advice and moral support but you mustn't rely on it for advice about sudden bleeding or pain.

Be lucky :-)

Absolutely mirror what Tivoli said. You may have scar tissue, infection, who knows, but a ring to your hospital will put your mind at ease. Do it today! X