Servere Dyskaryosis

HI Ladies,

im hoping i maybe able to get some advise. im 25 years old with no children and went for my first smear which came back as High grade dyskaryosis.

I will never forget the day i received the letter telling me and this is where my journey starts..........

i feel an emotional wreck i can be fine one day and the next day i wake up and just want to cry. I had my Colposcopy on Thursday, i have seen different peoples response to the pain etc. Personally i didn't find it very painful the more relaxed you are the quicker and easier it will make it. i was actually able to see what the doctor was looking at altho it didn't mean very must as i thought my cervix looked health but after the tests she done with the solutions she went onto agree with the smear and said it was severe dyskaryosis but she took two or three biopsy's. I know some people actually get treatment on the day so i was confused as to why she wanted to wait!! She gave me a letter which she sent to my doctor saying my colposcopy revealed aceto white, iodine negative with punctation. I have no idea what this means is anyone else in the same boat or can shed some light please??

I have to say the worse part of this is the waiting and the not knowing! i think it would of been better if she hadn't handed me this letter with all these medical terms on which i haven't a clue about. I have googled them which i don't know is the best thing to do as you always read the worse but they do indicate CC.

Hoping someone out there can help :(


Lots of love to all you ladies 



When I was about your age I was in a similar situation, all the doctor jargon is confusing and somehow always manages to make it sound far worse than it is. And the waiting and not knowing is terrible..but... I now know many people (in real life, not on Jo's) who have had abnormal smears and have been treated for dyskaryosis (abnormal cells) and it seems to be surprisingly common. Just because you have abnormal cells does not mean you have cc or will ever develop cc, it just means you are at higher risk of it. You're in the system and they are looking after you.






I cant help with what the iodine means but I had a colposcopy and biiopsies a month ago for high grade dyskarosis and treatment isnt offered there and then at the clininc I went to.  Some areas will treat you when you have the first colposcopy, some will wait untill they have the biopsy results back, which isnt easy as its more waiting around. I had my letter saying I had an abnormal smear in March and now having lletz tomorrow so its been almost 3 months of waiting.

Could you ring your GP and ask them to explain what it means?

Take care Louise xx