Serious PMT!

Hi ladies,

It’s been a while since I last posted and am now 10 months clear :slight_smile:

I’ve started to notice over the last couple of months that my PMT has stepped up a notch. I’ve always suffered mood swings around the time of the month, but it’s seeming far more severe since the hysterectomy. I kept my ovaries so am still producing hormones, but I don’t get the ‘release’ from bleeding. Does/has anyone else found this? Have you found anything that helps calm it down? It’s also affecting my hair and skin- making me feel pretty crappy!

Jade xx

Hi matey!!

10 months- where has the time gone??

i too kept my ovaries but have no obvious PMT, no regularity to my moods, tee hee. Have u spoken to GP about it? 

Just had check up today after 11 months- early as had a Nother ultrasound as they found something on my left ovary a few weeks ago... But it seems to be fine now! Had MRI for back pain and it was cancer free!!! (Unrelated bone problem) so doing ok here x

enjoy what is left of the summer!

dons x

Hi Jade & Dons

I had my check up on 8th August and thankfully got a clear result.  The next one is a MRI in November then another vault smear next April.  Can't believe its just about a year since I was diagnosed.

Jade - I echo what Dons said about seeing your GP.  As for your hair & skin I have been taking an over the counter supplement as although my hair has grown back both that and my skin are not in such a good condition as before. 

Dons - so pleased your MRI went well and that you are doing OK.  Long may it continue!

Hugs to you both,xx