Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Has anyone had sentinel lymph node biopsy for cervical cancer??

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Hi sandi, I have had a sentinel lymph node biopsy. They did a 5slit laparoscopic robotic assisted surgery on me along with transposition of my ovaries, which unfortunately didn’t work. I’m about 2 1/2 years out from that surgery, & Almost 21/2 years from finishing chemo/rads& chemo. They did the surgery on me to check my paraorta region, thankfully it was good I just had a pelvic lymph node with microscopic involvement , but I was always meant to have chemo/rad As I I had a large tumor they just wanted to see how far or if at all they had to extend the radiation field, if u have any questions feel free to ask

Hi there…thank you for your reply it’s much appreciated. What part didn’t work the ovarian tranpostion? How large was your tumor? Did you have a cone biopsy to remove any if it prior to surgery or did they find it another way (scans etc). What category radical hysterectomy did you have ? (I think it’s category 1 2 or 3 or a b C…bit sure …determines how much extra tissue they take. A doctor in Toronto told me he doesn’t think a radical hysterectomy is necessary for my size tumor and it’s already been removed by cone biopsy. He also doesn’t think I should have all my pelvic nodes removed and that I should have sentinel node biopsy. s. Also to recommend open surgery for me he says is also overkill. Laporoscopic he says is safe for mine. It’s driving me crazy the difference in opinions!

Doctor in Toronto sounds very sensible. You don’t want overkill - you don’t what unnecessarily invasive surgery which could be counter productive actually in transmitting the cancer cells from their primary site, if there are any. If your tumour has been successfully removed by cone biopsy that’s great - the sentinel node biopsy - laparoscopic - sounds a sensible precaution.

Hi Rissag…not sure you answered back yet…was just wondering what stage you were for it to have gone to a lymph node? I’m having my hysterectomy soon and am soo scared it’s done the same. Mine was quite small so I’m hoping not. I just want this over…x