Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy...

Has anyone had a sentinel lymph node biopsy for their cervical cancer? 

I had a Leep Procedure at the end of March and now I am having a sentinel lymph node biopsy at the end of May.  Most of the information I've read is treatment for breast cancer not cervical cancer as it's a newer treatment option. 


Clean pap test in August 2018. Polyp discovered in November 2018.  Polyp biopsy done in January 2019. Diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer in February 2019. Leep procedure done March 2019. All results negative for malignancies.  Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy scheduled for May 2019.

Hi hun I had sentinel node removed  for cytology ie to see if there were any cacer cells in it during my hysterectomy, it was clear. It was explained to me that this node is the first to get cancer cells if it has spread. They use a dye to detect which of the nodes is the sentinel one. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care x

Thanks so much for responding!  smile

Did you have any complications?  My biggest concern is getting lymphodema...

Hi hun I had a relatively straight forward recovery with no major issues. For a couple of months my bowels and bladder function were all over the place but this has settled now. Have ongoing issues with surgical menopause and can't seem to get anyone to agree to hrt. Had a scare about 2 areas on my vaginal cuff scar but this was granulation phew. That sounds loads when I write it down but it isnt.But I have had no lymphodema or major probs. Stay in touch on the forum everyone has some great advise on how to deal with all the little things that get thrown at yo haha. Take care x

Thanks so much for sharing!


Well my surgery went very well.

They removed 5 lymph nodes in total and ended up doing a D&C  as well.  The surgical notes said everything they looked at with the scope looked normal so hopefully my results will be good too.

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I’ve just been diagnosed with stage 1a2 and they want to do an open abdominal radical hysterectomy and pelvic node removal. I want to get sentinel lymph node biopsy done but I don’t think they do it here. I don’t want them to take all my pelvic nodes if they don’t have to. I’m told my tumour is so small the risk is very low of spread. Did you get yours through a trial or as a standard treatment? Whereabouts?? Thanks…

Hi Sandi

My cancer was in a 2cm polyp on my cervix. My doctor went against the advice of the review board and didn’t want to remove a healthy cervix or do a hysterectomy because I was 35 at the time. They did scans and a leep and determined that there was no signs of cancer and opted for the sentinel lymph node biopsy and d&c to make sure it didn’t spread. I had instructed her that if they could not find the sentinels then they were not to remove any of my lymph nodes.

You have options and you should insist on getting a second or third opinion. I’m not sure where your cancer is but if retaining your ability to have children is important and possible, you should tell your doctor that. They caught it early so you should have more options.

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Oh I forgot to mention, I’m in Canada.

You don’t say if you’re in the UK or elsewhere, Sandi, but I agree with Kdawg that the treatment path sounds rather extreme for Stage 1a2 - where the cancer is still microscopic and confined to a small area of the cervix. I would suggest you need a second opinion. Can you also get the consultant to explain to you why, with such a small cancer, they think lymph node removal is necessary? Have you had a scan (MRi /CT/ PET) to look for any spread of the cancer? If the tiny area is confined to the cervix within 3-5mm of the surface, why a radical hysterectomy?

I’m from Canada living in Australia ATM. What part are you from? My family is in Brampton Woodbridge and Caledon . I have had my kids so am ok with removing the uterus. I’m more concerned with the lymph nodes. I spoke to a surgeon in France who would take a very different approach with sentinel node biopsy pre-op to determine spread. That makes way more sense to me. Then if they test positive h wouldn’t even do a hysterectomy he would do chemoradiation because they’d end up doing that after surgery anyway and that’s more morbidity than necessary. Everything he said made sense. He would also move the ovaries higher so if chemoradiation is needed later they wouldn’t be affected (my ovaries don’t have to be removed). He would also do it laporoscopically not open abdominal because the tumor has been removed so if they’re is anything left behind ITV would be small not bulky which is where risk comes in doing it laporoscopically. He also wouldn’t use a uterine manipulator. I’m actually thinking of flying there if o can’t get the treatment I want here. Not exactly convenient or cheap but he sounds really good.

Yes I had a pet scan and MRI and nothing showed up. With the tiny tumour.5mm there was a small focus of lymphovasvcular space invasion by he told me that area was removed and shouldn’t be if concern because I was concerned about it. Now in have to get them all removed? I dunno. They do day they can test positive even with small tumours so I guess they want to eliminate the risk. But 80-85% of nodes with small tumours test negative and are therefore needlessly removed. That’s why sentinel node biopsy makes sense to me

I’m in Etobicoke and go to Princess Margaret Cancer Center. My doctor is really great.

Hi there… Can I ask where you had the sentinel biopsy done?? I don’t believe they offer it where I am…

May I ask your doctor’s name? A friend recommended Dr.Bernadini that works out of Princess Margaret. So if you had Sentinel Node Biopsy done that means they offer it there correct?? You weren’t a part of a trial or anything? It was a standard procedure? Thanks so much for your help…

I am a patient of Dr. Sarah Ferguson. I wasn’t part of a trial and it was her recommendation as there was no sign of the cancer and she didn’t want to remove a healthy cervix.

Thank you I will try to get in contact with her office

Hi there. Just wondering where you are located since you had the sentinel node biopsy done. They aren’t offering it to me where I am in Australia and not sure why yet. Thanks so much

I’m in Australia. Do you know if they do sentinel node biopsy for cervical cancer in the UK? I believe Australia follows the UK guidelines

I’m in the UK and I had sentinel lymph nodes removed as part of a radical hysterectomy for stage 1b.