Sent straight for colposcopy without smear

I had a lettz treatment under ga back in 2006 for cin 3 that was a small area but difficult to do under local anaesthetic to its location. Also told I had a cervical etropian that made my cervix bleed easily. Follow up Smear was clear as have all further smears over following years at least 5 smears the last being in 2020 which was hpv neg no cell changes . Yesterday I went to the practice nurse for regular smear and it was a new younger nurse. She looked at my cervix then went out to ask regular nurse for advice said she could see ectropian and some blood ( I don’t have periods due to mirena coil but do have irregular spotting ) couldn’t get a clear sample so she has referred me straight to colposcopy . Is this normal ? Should I be worried that the nurse has spotted something suspicious ? Just looking for any advice or reassurance as I’m feeling sick with worry.

@alid24 it sounds to me like they’re just being cautious given your previous history. At least you’ll get some answers quicker than waiting for smear results first, if it was me I’d rather they were thorough rather than the opposite. x

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Thanks it’s probably just my anxiety getting me worked up but I’ve gone straight to panic mode . The logical part of me is thinking I was clear n hpv free 3 years ago and haven’t missed a smear but the other side of me is thinking all kinds . She didn’t say if it was urgent referral or not either it was just she spent a good five mins outside talking to the nurse before a second look n then telling me I need to go to the hospital .

@alid24 remember too that the other nurse was younger & probably less experienced so would’ve wanted to check in with the other nurse, she’s probably still learning and has to run things by her supervisor before making any onward referrals. Good luck for the colposcopy, let us know how you get on. x

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Still waiting to hear from the hospital a week on for any news on an appointment and really wish I hadn’t googled ! Has anyone else with a mirena coil not been worried about spotting thinking it was from the coil when it was really a sign of cc?

@alid24 hopefully you hear something soon. I’ve got a mirena coil in too & don’t have periods but will randomly have spotting that can last up to 2wks, it’s hard knowing if it’s just linked to the coil or something else. x

Still nothing tried to ring the hospital yesterday and no reply . I’ve never worried about spotting had no pain or or real bleeding since I’ve had the coil but it does worry me that the coil might be masking symptoms. I’m no thinking if it was that urgent they’d have been in touch by now too. No thanks for replying to me I’m still so anxious .

Finally got my appointment for colposcopy but it’s not for another two weeks making it 5 weeks since ring referred. Last few weeks I’ve had spotting every day and a bit heavier bleeding yesterday with crampy pain I can’t figure out wether that’s a mini period or not as I don’t have a regular period and have always had spotting with mirena coil and not beenworried but now every time it happens I go into panic mode . Has anyone had these symptoms and it not be cc? I’m just holding onto fact that last smear 3 yrs ago was hpv neg and no cell changes but the. I read that others on here have had cc in this situation. It’s gonna be a long two week wait!

How did your colposcopy go? X

Hi ,
I was so happy to have good news at colposcopy that I did a separate post!
The Dr said that I have an ectropian but no other abnormalities that she could see . The spotting is due to ectropian and also hormonal related to my mirena coil. She took a smear and said even if it was to come back with low grade changes I’m fine not to be seen at colposcopy again for at least a year. I feel so relieved . I hope you get good news too.


That’s great news I’m so glad x