Sending support and encouragement for everyone waiting for results

Hi everyone, I wanted to post because I am so grateful to this forum. I have turned to it time and time again since I first got my HPV+ve result and cell changes results after a smear test last year. I told a few friends and family about my results and the treatment I had but few remembered to ask how I was doing or seemed to understand or realise how seriously it affected me.
Although my smear only showed borderline changes, at colposcopy they took a biopsy which came back as CIN3 which sent me into a panic. I also suspected during the colposcopy that the Doctor saw more than he was expecting but as I was last on the list which had overrun, there was no option for treatment on the day.
I was called back for LLETZ which went ok. The Nurses at every interaction were very kind and gentle with me. I think they really understand the worry this all causes and they must see it all the time.
Today I got the results back from my test of cure, 6-months post LLETZ. I was dreading it as I had had some breakthrough spotting the previous month. I felt sick the whole time waiting for the results and felt weepy at times. I don’t think anyone else had any idea how worried I was feeling and it is exhausting carrying that weight of anxiety around all the time. I frequently imagined the worst scenario out of every test and treatment I had. Well the results are negative and I am so relieved. It is taking a bit of time this afternoon to sink and and let myself put down this burden I have been carrying. I also know how lucky I am, and how many others of you are out there waiting for such a long time with this on your minds and nobody to really understand what you are going through.
Know that there are people here who understand and care. That others have gone through this and the treatment can work. Trust your Doctors and Nurses and listen to your body. I really found strength in something that another member posted - sorry I can’t remember who. But you don’t have cancer unless you’ve been told you have cancer. So live life, do everything you can to help yourself and remember that this is treatable. Try to do better than me and be positive because I wasted so much time being fearful and sad over the last year when I didn’t need to be.
Lots of love to everyone out there waiting for results xx


That’s fabulous, congratulations :hugs: and thank you so very much for posting your story. So very reassuring reading someones positive experience :smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for posting this.
I had LETZ for CIN3 last October and I’m awaiting the results of my test of cure (done 31/07/23) and feel like I’m a bit of an emotional wreck just now.
Like you I’m worrying as I’ve been getting alot of spotting again and time since having the LETZ has been stressful (separate from working about smear tests etc) so I keep worrying I won’t have shifted the HR HPV.
Being able to pop in here makes me not feel so alone.
So thank and you and I’m genuinely over the moon for you for getting such great news when your result came through xxx

Hi there,

I am waiting for the results of my biopsy. And its agony, making me so unwell.

After my first smear test came back with abnormal cells at age 32, severe abnormal cells. High risk HPV. Upon inspection colposcopy nurse said it is high grade, but doesn’t look like cancer (of course can’t be sure)

I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks, partly as the consultant is on leave!! Its hell. I’m searching for stories of people who have been through this experience and come out of the other end as it gives me hope, so thank you.

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