Sending Christmas Eve best wishes to you all!

Well 2015 was the year that the dreaded “C” word entered my life. Beforehand, it was always something that happened to someone else. Now it was me! During those early dark days, I found this forum and what an absolute godsend it is! I feel like I know alot of you - even if it is just your Forum user name and CC journey. To know that there are women out there who have the same thoughts, fears as you made it strangely reassuring for me!
Here we are on Christmas Eve…I remember when I was diagnosed on a sunny day in August and I lay in bed that night wondering if this would be the last Christmas with my two children. Here I am today 7 weeks on from results day where I was told all cancer was removed and no spread to lymph nodes.
I know I am blessed and I thank my lucky stars every day. I also want to say thank you to all of you who commented on or read my posts. I wish you all the very best of luck and lots of health and happiness this Christmas and into 2016…i’ll be toasting a glass of Prosecco to you all!
Finally, to Helbels68, THANK YOU for being my CC buddy. You really are my angel of the north xxx

That's brilliant Kelly! You have yourself the best Christmas EVER!


And you too Tivoli! You really are the Mother Hen of this forum. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xx

Just seen this after being out with the husband for his birthday. I totally agree Kelly this forum has been a godsend and so many lovely ladies total strangers in fact offering support and advice in your hour of need.  Cancer was something that affected someone else and I never thought it would pick on me. I am so thankful I kept up-to-date with my smear tests and took all the advice offered from my Team. My fabulous results were the Xmas present I never thought possible.  Onward and upward into 2016. You've been my rock Kelly78 and I can't thank you enough it would have been such a struggle without your support. Hope you have a fabulous christmas and new year.  Tivoli you always offer wise comforting words to all you are a true star. I also send lots of positive thoughts to those of you waiting for results and treatment. Good luck - 2016 another year to stick two fingers up and kick cancer's backside.



I second that and would also like to wish all of you wonderful ladies a fabulous Christmas and a more positive and healthy 2016. Xx