Hello everyone!

I had an abnormal smear test in Nov 16 and then the loop to take out the abnormal cells in Dec 16. It was high grade and my first ever smear.

The consultant was happy that he had got everything. I once had bleeding after sex, then once in the middle of my period, but they said that it takes time to heal and not to worry.

Anyway, 5 months in and I was checking out my cervix this weekend and felt a hard, pea like lump on the left of my cervix. My smear is due at the end of this month.

I went to my GP, who actually told me that I shouldn't be checking myself and the smear will detect it and I got an odd look. I don't agree with her, and she didn't fill me with confidence as she said that it is usually bleeding after sex or mid period which are signs, but I've read that some people don't have any syptoms at all. 

She said she thinks it is scar tissue.

Can everyone just clarify, for one, do you check your cervix with your clean fingers and two, have you had the loop which caused a hard scar on your opening? 

Many thanks! 



Sorry I don't have all the answers but I know that you should never insert your fingers down there. Self exam is not necessary, it will only lead to introduction of infection.

I am due for LLETZ next week for CIN 2