Seeking advice/comfort after smear


3.5 years ago I had my smear results show HPV positive and CIN 3. I had LLETZ and a biopsy during a colposcopy. 6 months after that I had my follow up smear test which everything came back clear.

But 3 years have gone by, and I had my smear again yesterday.
The nurse asked a few questions, advised I’ve had a baby 18 months ago and also recently came off the pill and noticed increased discharge.

The nurse performed the smear and said she can see discharge around my cervix so took a sample for testing. She also mentioned that she could see where the procedure was done last time as my cervix is ‘fleshy’ and also mentioned that I was bleeding during the cervical smear.

All of the comments have made me even more anxious as in my mind they are all red flags that something is wrong.
I know that from my previous experience I do suffer with trauma so this is bringing all those emotions back up to the surface, but I’m really struggling to get those comments about my cervix out of my mind, and not to let my mind spiral out of control.

Has anyone else had comments like this made or can anyone shed any more information on what could be the reason behind the discharge, ‘fleshy’ cervix and bleeding during a smear?

Thank you in advance,

Hi B
Sorry to hear you are so worried
I am sure other ladies will be along to offer their experience or support

My first thought was that the bleeding/discharge could be caused by cervical ectropion. There is a page on the Jos Trust website, check it out.

Hopefully the swabs will come back clear and then also you get your smear results quickly

If your workplace offers a workplace health scheme check out if they have counsellors available. You have experienced a trauma and it would be good for you to work through that with a professional x

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That’s great advice, my workplace do offer counselling so I will do that. It has definitely reopened all my anxiety, I had a panic attack straight after my smear.
Thank you again.

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