Seeing Consultant tonight, scared :(

Managed to get an appointment after work tonight through my health scheme at work - NHS waiting time in my area is 4 weeks for urgent!!! Don't know how i am going to get through today without thinking about what he might find :(

I might not actually get a Colposcopy tonight though, it might just be a consultation to discuss what has been going on but if so, i'll only have to wait a few days for the Colposcopy and at least i can air my worries and actually start getting answers!

I just want to make sure i get everything off my chest, this bleeding is not normal for me, nor the amount of discharge, it's getting ridiculous. I've also developed period like pain but that could just be because i'm stressed and my back is killing me but i do have a slipped disc (which was treated last year) but could be flaring up again because i'm stressed and analysing every little niggle.

Did anyone write down everything they wanted to ask?

Just got back from picking up my referral letter from my Dr, while i was waiting i asked the receptionist to give me the results of the swabs/tests i had with the Dr last week when i went in with symptoms. They wouldnt give them to me and the Dr's secretary said she had put the results in with my letter to give to my Consultant instead.

What does this mean, i really want to open it and see what it says but then i don't to be freaking out for the next few hours until my appointment.

This is so stressful, i really don't know how we do this!

Sorry I have no idea but didn't want to read and run. Good luck xx

Thankfully the letter only said they found Strep B on the swab, nothing relevant to worry about!