See you in 6 months!

It occurred to me yesterday that everyone who I've seen posting and those who have replied to me will all be back on here, worrying again in 6 months! I just got my lletz results, cin3 so no cancer and I'm obviously massively relieved but also still feeling a bit sorry for myself. Bleeding 6 days post lletz is just getting worse, with a few small clots and soreness ready for my holiday on Friday! I know they say 95% are cured after lletz but only 5% get called back with abnormal smears in the first place so still feel I'm in the danger zone! I feel more emotional and crap than I did after either of my kids were born but just having abnormal cells removed doesn't generate the same love, does it?! Hubby feels I shd be dancing from the rooftops as i was so worried about cancer and even after nearly passing out at work the other day, I kind of feel people are like 'well, you're alright now though eh'. Am prob overdosing on bloody vitamins- in addition to regular ones I've also started multivitamin, vit c, folic acid and zinc- paranoid, moi?!! So thank you to everyone on here for being so supportive and understanding when nobody in my non-virtual world could possibly get it. I hope you all get the all-clear and that those of you with bigger problems get through it ASAP and see u in 6 months when we have our check ups. Gulp!! Xxxx

Yay! Followed your story since its been similar to mine but a few weeks ahead, and I'm very happy for you and glad to hear your result, gives me hope mine can be just CIN3 too! Happy Holidays!

Great news and you got your results really quickly which is fab - I had my lletz for CIN3 on 8th July and still waiting for results - I am so anxious now I can't tell you! 

Hi Kh27! 

I had the same thing - LLETZ for CIN2 12 days ago and results have come back saying it was actually CIN3 and that they will see me in 6-months. Everyone is saying how fantastic the news is, and dont get me wrong I am so relieved it is not the Big CC, but I still feel really strange, like this process is going to constantly repeat. I know I have HPV, so wont that just continue making cell abnormalities? Also, the healing process going on down there is giving me a constant daily reminder of the matter. I am SO ready never to see an sanitary towel ever again in my whole life haha.

Dreading 6-month check up already but glad for the immediate relief, even though my LLETZ results came back worse than they thought.

Chat in 6-months! And a meaningful congratulations on the "all clear". 


Good luck KayS and dogdog23!! I know from my many hours of research that you will prob be fine but I also know from personal experience that you're bound to worry you're in the unlucky minority! I know what you mean bellaboo, the hpv diagnosis is  worry that keeps on giving!! I've been with same partner for 13 years so if I've had hpv that long, surely it's here to stay?!! Worse thing is the hpv connection to cc is fairly new so docs can't tell you with any certainty what will happen in the future. My rather pessimistic thought process makes me think I'm earmarked to get cc in the future. Even though I've got the all clear this time, the fact I'm on here right now shows it's still affecting me and I'm sure it will do for, well ever!! Best of luck and lots of love to all xx

Thanks alot I will keep you all posted too!  Where do you live as you got your results so quickly?  I might move there!!



Great, news, you must be really relieved. Such fantastic service from the lab too, surely that must be a record!

Try not to dwell on the 6 month thing, I found myself worrying most of it away, when i should have enjoyed being carefree! 

Hopefully see you back in 6, to post your good news story of how it is all gone :-)