Second time?

Hi I'm Stef, I'm 25 I had my first smear About two months ago. I recived a phone call about two weeks later to say I have to come in soon as possible for a 

Colposcop, biopsy and LLETZ.. 

It confirmed aweek letter that it was CIN3. The doctor said they would review my samples again but we will see you again in six months for another smear.

i recived a letter today saying they have reviewed my samples and want me back in for same procedures next week. But it has no information on the letter I have tried phoning them and will do again, but im just worried.. Is this normal? Xx

Hi Stef,

First of all its good that you went for your smear as some ladies dont attend. If they need to see you again it may be possible that they did not remove all the Cin 3 the last time. In order for it not to spread they need the biopsy to have "clear margins"- the edge of the biopsy must be free of CIN3.

There are other ladies on her who needed a second LLETZ and then got the 6 month follow up.

Hope this helps.


Im the same. I had colposcopy and LLETZ done on same day for CIN3, 3 weeks ago today. Doc told me at the time that she defitinely would not be doing a 2nd LLETZ. I got a letter today from the colposcopy clinic with an appointment for 3 weeks time. I assume its for another colposcopy? Why? 

Hi My first lletz found Cgin and Cc 1a1 but not clear margins so I opted for more lletz. As the #2 lletz,was completely clear I have a 6 month check up now in July.

Kattykit sometimes the colposcopists say things without seeing the results that later get reversed on seeing the results maybe as a result of a review by the MDT team (which is a good safeguard). Mine was the other way round I had my first colposcopy and colposcopist said I would definitely need more treatment but then the biopsy was clear! 

Thanks ChandosGirl. I think I will call them anyway to see what the appointment is for. Is it to get my results? Is it for another colposcopy / LLETZ? I was told at my original appointment that if all good, I would just get a letter with an appointment for 6 months time. I take it, its not good news if they want me back in 3 weeks (which is exactly 6 weeks from the date my colposcopy / LLETZ was done.