Second time loop/lletz

So I contacted the Nurse Colposcopist after finding my punch biopsy just wasn’t healing. She said that my results were in… precancerous and I would need treatment AGAIN. I was take aback as I was not expecting to receive results in this call but she asked when I wanted to come in. I’m now booked in within 7 days for treatment.

I’m not sure if it’s better knowing what to expect with it being second time round or whether I would be better off not knowing. Either way, I guess I am prepared for the aftermath.

Anyone else just feel like their own body is against them?!

Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear that you need a second treatment. Glad you are booked in so quickly after your call.

Wishing you all the best with the Lletz and hopefully you recover quickly afterwards.

I have had one Lletz and one cone biopsy in 2021. I’m now waiting on results to see what treatment I need. It is mentally exhausting all the waiting and tests.

Look after yourself! You’ve got this xx


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Hi Emma, I completely understand and appreciate where your head is. It’s such a challenging time waiting on results and then waiting for follow up appointments.
The only thing I can recommend is talk to people about it and keep your mind busy.
I hope you are ok and wishing you all the best with your upcoming appointments. X

Hi ladies,

Thank you for your well wishes! It is all a bit exhausting, you are right there. The nurses I had last time were amazing so I just hope I’m that lucky the next time around!

I hope you don’t have a long wait for your results!