Second smear post Leep after worrying symptoms

In August I had a LEEP. My results were 3+ cells. Straight after I had weird discharge and discomfort. I figured it was just a side effect of the procedure which I had done under GA.

The discharge never stopped. The discomfort is agony and now feels like I am carrying a brick in my abdomen. I have pain during sex, and have recently started loosing blood clots for no reason. Most commonly I notice them when in the bath. They’re becoming more and more regular and increasingly large. I always thought you couldn’t loose clots whilst in a bath! The last week or so it’s every single day.

I went for a smear early because it’s starting to freak me out. My brain won’t stop spiralling and I am in a state of panic. The lovely nurse genuinely hugged me and told me she will be hoping for the best for me when I was leaving. Parsing my nurse for subtext is driving me around the bend. Typically, the GP nurse doesn’t hug patients. But she did grab my hands and tell me she would be thinking of me the last time I had a smear. (I have other health issues and see her regularly and she never ever acts this way). I’m freaking.

Surely the LEEP did the trick and I’m overthinking? Has anyone else had these symptoms after a LEEP? Are my worries unfounded or is there a risk they missed something at my colposcopy?

Thanks in advance guys. I’m not going to rest well until I get my results.

Hi, sorry i don’t have any answers for you but wanted to reply. I have just had my first lletz under ga 6 days ago for abnormal cells, waiting on results now, its not fun!
I wouldn’t worry too much about what the nurse said, she could probably just see you were anxious. Have you spoke to the dr about the clots? Could they refer you back to the gynaecology clinic if its since the lletz? I hope you get your results soon & get it sorted. X