Second Opinion

Just curious how many ladies here got a second opinion on their cc treatment protocol.  Since I've already had two biopsies plus bleeding, I am confident in my doctor's dianosis of cc.  But friends think I should get a second opinion on my treatment protocol--which I will get on Monday.  I'm just anxious to get started, and don't want to wait even another week before starting treatment!

Hi there 

the world health organization recommends the treatment protocol for the different stages of cancer. If you were borderline one stage ba the other and it was a matter of hysterectomy vs chemorad then I would say yes get a second opinion but you have been staged a 2.

In your signature you state your tumour is over 5cm. This then leaves you to go straight to chemorad so what second opinion did you need? we live in a medically advanced era where scans are pretty accurate so I wouldn't question the results of them. 

Your friends are just trying to be helpful but ultimately it is your call. Trust in yourself to make the call.   


Lolli is correct,the size of your tumor rules out a hyst straight away. 

ste you still worrying about having chemorads? Honestly its fine. 5/6 weeks out of your life going for treatment then you can basically get back to some normality without having had the trauma of major surgery. X

Well...since you asked...I'm most afraid of losing my hearing & taste.  Not happy about possibly losing my hair--but I do understand that many women did not lose their hair.  But I don't hear that well anyway, and I've read some lose their hearing or get tinnitus.  Scary!!

Aw you wont lose your hair. it may thin a bit,but thats all. Also,your taste will only go for a couple of days a week after chemo then it comes back.Thats IF you loss taste. Same with the hearing. You just have tell your team everything thats going on during treatment,they are super. 


I agree with Lolli. 

You know if you search chemo rads or chemo radiation in the search bar it will bring up so many results. If you look through them you will be able to read different people's experiences. From my recollection I don't think many have had the severe issues you have mentioned.

Cara xxx


I didn't get a second opinion. They know the treatment works well.  I actually didn't mind the chemo days. The steroids actually gave me a perk up for a couple of days, even though they disturb your sleep. You just report if you have any tinnitus. They monitor your kidneys and your blood counts through your bloods every week. I got a metallic taste for a while, and I had to do some preventative mouth care but it all settled. You have weekly checkups with the doctors so report problems to them or the oncology nurses. They even give details who to contact if you have problems at all. They don't want you to have complications, so they monitor everything closely. The only thing I'd do if I were you is buy a thermometer to monitor your temperature if you don't have one. 

Okay, thank you.  I do not own a thermometer.  I barely ever even kept aspirin in my house.  I was always so healthy my entire life.  That is why this is so difficult to get my head around.  But I will get a thermometer tomorrow!

My first illness too! But I like to think of that as an advantage. Easier to deal with treatment when you don't have other conditions or medications to deal with at the same time. It's just good to be able to monitor any fevers as your immune system won't be quite the same during treatment. Mind you, saying that, my white cells managed all 5 cycles before dropping. They dropped exactly 2 weeks after my last dose but I needed a couple of injections to bring them up before brachytherapy. Which it did!